Northern Magic

Northern Magic
by Thorsson, Edred
Reviewed by Ingeborg Svea Norden

Northern Magic: Mysteries of the Norse, Germans & English

Category: Paganism - Other

As far as I know, Northern Magic is the only esoteric rune book in print that is based on the Younger Futhark (the 16-letter rune alphabet used in Scandinavia). Thorsson's comments don't go into as much depth here as in his other books, but then the book itself is about half as long as Futhark. He is clearer and more concise than usual, though; for a beginner interested in specifically Norse magic, this book is a good choice.

In addition to his remarks about actual runes, Thorsson spends two chapters talking about other magical symbols (hex signs and sigils) used in Germanic spellworking. This too makes Northern Magic well worth buying and reading.

Publisher Llewellyn Publications
Date 2/1992
ISBN 0875427820 0875427820 0875427820
Price $19.95