Principles of Paganism

Principles of Paganism
by Crowley, Vivianne
Reviewed by Bkwyrm

Principles of Paganism by Vivianne Crowley

Categories: Paganism - Wicca Paganism - Other

How disappointing. I had hoped to suggest this work as a good general overview of Paganism, especially because the work says on the cover “The only introduction you'll ever need”. Unfortunately, it's lousy. Ms. Crowley has decided that all Pagans are Wiccan, for starters, and has taken it upon herself to present to the reader exactly what it is all Pagans believe. She's wrong. Not all Pagans are Wiccans, and they certainly don't all agree on matters of faith, devotion, deity, or practice. Nicely written, well put together, but full of factual errors and conjecture presented as fact.

Publisher Thorsons Publications
Date 4/1996
ISBN 1855385074 1855385074 1855385074
Price $12.00