Rats and Gargoyles

Rats and Gargoyles
by Gentle, Mary
Reviewed by Julianus

Rats and Gargoyles by Mary Gentle

Category: Other

This is an excellent and complex fantasy novel based on Renaissance Hermeticism. It is set in a sort of archetypal world-city where humans are ruled by man-sized intelligent rodents and their huge incarnate stone deities (the rats and gargoyles of the title.) Ms. Gentle has done a splendid job of integrating historical Alchemy and Magick into a fantasy setting, with one interesting twist: she had deleted all references to Christianity. The religious background seem to combine elements of Ancient Egypt, late Antique Mystery religions and Freemasonry. One wishes she had gone into more detail on this point, but it hardly detracts from the book itself.

Publisher New American Library
Date 10/1992
ISBN 0451451732 0451451732 0451451732
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