Rune Magic

Rune Magic
by Tyson, Donald
Reviewed by Ingeborg Svea Norden

Categories: Paganism - Other Ceremonial Magick

The author is a ceremonial magician, more at home with the Qabala than with anything Norse–and it shows in his book. Tyson's rituals read as if he'd stolen them from a Judeo-Christian magical group and substituted Norse god-names for the originals. His interpretations of the runes also tend toward black-and-white thinking, more Biblical than Norse. (He translates Thurisaz as “devil”, saying that the rune “signifies a bad man or woman” in a reading.) The book also contains some rather poor poetry which Tyson supposedly channeled in an attempt to “communicate with each rune”.

Publisher Llewellyn Publications
Date 6/1988
ISBN 0875428266 0875428266 0875428266
Price OOP