Teutonic Magic

Teutonic Magic: The Magical & Spiritual Practices of the Germanic Peoples
by Gundarsson, Kveldulf
Reviewed by Ingeborg Svea Norden

Category: Paganism - Other

This man knows his subject better than anyone else I've read so far. (He recently completed a graduate degree in Teutonic studies at Cambridge; he has also done plenty of field research in Scandinavia, England, and Germany.) Besides, Gundarsson can write! Other authors have written commentaries and guided meditations on the runes, but his feel three-dimensional; people can tell that he has had some experience with theater and ritual drama. He also makes excellent comments on the gods, on non-runic symbolism in Germanic magic, and on integrating Asatru philosophy with modern life. Only a few mistakes - which Gundarsson discovered AFTER the book was published - keep this book from earning a full four-star rating. His interpretations of two specific runes (Elhaz and Ingwaz) were heavily influenced by his mentor Edred Thorsson's. So was his interpretation of the Valkyrie as a guardian angel/Higher Self figure, which does not mesh with actual pagan texts. With those reservations in mind, I still recommend Teutonic Magic heartily.

Publisher Llewellyn Publications
Date 12/1990
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