The Black Arts

The Black Arts
by Cavendish, Richard
Reviewed by Bkwyrm

Categories: General Magick Satanism Ceremonial Magick

Fascinating. But quite horrendously misnamed, I think. Since when was Numerology a “black art?” Or Alchemy? Still, a captivating book. Sections include: The World of the Black Magician, Names and Numbers (Numerology), The Cabala and the Names of Power, The Stone and the Elixir, Astrology, Ritual Magic, and Woship of the Devil. Two appendices contain information on Grimoires and additional information on Numerology. A very complete and detailed bibliography is provided for those who want more in-depth information. An index provides easy access to information. This book is written in the usual Cavendish style, dry and scholarly, but try to plug though it. The subject matter is interesting enough that the writing style is not particularly important.

Publisher Perigree
Date 1/1968
ISBN Amazon Abebooks Powell's
Price $14.95