The Grimoire of Armadel

The Grimoire of Armadel
by Mathers, Samuel Liddel MacGregor, trans.
Reviewed by Maxomenos

The Grimoire of Armadel by Samuel Liddel MacGregor Mathers


This is a seriously boring book, and I am at a loss to see why Mathers thought that this was important to translate. It's not a bad magickal system at all, but it doesn't add any information. On the other hand this book is excellent for the squeamish or the beginner, precisely because it is a self-contained magickal system with useful workings, none of which could result in serious harm to the user if done improperly.

All the evokations are of beneficent angels and archangels. Each chapter contains the sigil of a particular angel and a description of the services that they perform; there are also lists of prayers appropriate to the evokation of these angels. It is not magickally interesting in this regard, because there are about a hundred or so other magickal works that do the same thing. However, it is interesting from an historical point of view. The chapter names refer to events and characters in Christian mythology, almost none of which have anything to do with the evokation at hand. It makes a very solid effort at looking like and being a thouroughly pious work, which fits the period of this book. Ultimately, I think that “The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage” is a better book, in addition to being cheaper.

Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Date 7/1995
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Price $45.00