The Nine Doors of Midgard

The Nine Doors of Midgard
by Thorsson, Edred
Reviewed by Ingeborg Svea Norden

Category: Paganism - Other

The Nine Doors of Midgard: A Complete Curriculum of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson

Thorsson intended this book as a training manual for students in his magical order, the Rune-Gild. The program he outlines is as demanding and structured as those of better known magical groups, like the Golden Dawn and O.T.O. (of which Thorsson is actually a member).

Some people have criticized this book for being too structured and too heavily influenced by non-Germanic tradition. (Thorsson's diagram of the Nine Worlds, for instance, has been called a blatant copy of the Qabalistic Tree of Life–minus one sphere.) Although those criticisms are partly true, Nine Doors does contain some useful techniques and observations for people seriously interested in rune magic.

Publisher Llewellyn Publications
Date 6/1991
ISBN 0875427812 Abebooks Powell's
Price $80.00