The Rune Oracle

The Rune Oracle
by RavenWolf, Silver
Reviewed by Bkwyrm

Categories: Paganism - Wicca Paganism - Other

The Rune Oracle by Nigel Jackson and Silver RavenWolf

At first sight, I was impressed by the rune cards that came with this book; the graphics were colorful, well-drawn, and consistent with Germanic imagery and belief. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the book itself. The author does provide some layout methods that I found useful, but her religious background shows in the meaning she gives for each rune. (Norse Wiccans may find them acceptable; Asatruar probably won't.) She also uses mixed rune names, upright/reversed interpretations, and the blank rune–not a good sign, on the whole. Since there are a few useful tidbits here, though (and GREAT-looking cards!), I'd put this on the “may be useful” list.

Publisher Llewellyn Publications
Date ISBN 1567183646 Abebooks Powell's