The Satanic Mass

The Satanic Mass
by Rhodes, H.T.F.
Reviewed by Majere, Pr.ODF

Category: Satanism

The Satanic Mass by H.T.F. Rhodes

This is perhaps one of the most acclaimed books on the history of the infamous “Black Mass”. The author provides an insightful and unbiased account of the origins of this ceremony from ancient pagan times through to it's more corrupt modern incarnations. Perhaps one of the most interesting theories put forward by Rhodes is that the “Black Mass” was actually pagan in origin, rather than an invention of Christian fantasies - he suggests that the early pagans performed rites which denied the Christian god in favour of their own ancient cultural deities - rites that were later to be considered “Black Masses” by the Christian missionaries who were shocked at such “blasphemy”. Other topics also covered include the “heresy” of the Knights Templar and Cathars, the Guiborg Masses, and “diabolism” in Freemasonry. Essential reading.

Publisher Wehman Brothers
Date 6/1980
ISBN 0685418928 0099069601 0099069601 1431674
Price $35.00