Andispi, ANDISPI, 9th of 91 Parts, 3rd of ZOM. Zodiacal King: Lavavoth Ministers: 9236 Mundane association: Gosmam (an unknown mountainous region, presumably near either the Arctic or Antarctic circles, in which there is much gold. Poss. Alaska?)

Sunday, September 11, 1994

Procedural change: Up to this point my procedure has been to simply vibrate the Call of the Aethyrs and the names of the Zodiacal King, Part, and Aethyr, and allow the vision to manifest in whatever way it happens upon. This has produced a rather wide variety of presentations in the preceding visions.

In the hope of producing some additional consistency, I am changing the procedure. Before vibrating the Calls and names, I will enter a neutral magickal space and inscribe a circle with a narrow border on the ground. In the center of the circle will be the sigil of the Part, along with its name in English and Enochian characters. In the border, at the top of the circle, will be the name of the Zodiacal King in English. In the border at the bottom will be the name of the Aethyr in English.

The intent of this is not to make a “magickal circle” in the normal sense. In fact, I will stand outside the circle during the invocations. Rather it is more like a talisman “writ large”, an attractor for the forces invoked and an anchor-point. Any invoked force or being will not be expected to stay within the confines of the circle, but can move about or change the surroundings as appropriate to their presentation.

Sunday, September 11, 1994 1:50 PM

Invoked Andispi according to the revised procedure.

The image of the circle quickly gave way to another space, wherein there was a big red valentine-style heart, with a smooth, shiny surface like vinyl. An arrow was stuck through the center of this heart from back to front. I got the impression that there was a thin cord or thread attached to the arrow.

The scene went into motion and the arrow passed entirely through the heart. It then looped downwards and again hit the heart, this time from below. It passed out through the cleft at the top and again looped around to the bottom. It repeated this procedure many times, each time leaving behind it a loop of thread which billowed outwards from its attachment points. Soon the heart was surrounded by lines like the lines of a magnetic field. The arrow then vanished.

The voice said: “Is it not said that our god is a god of Love? And yet, what is Love? There is the dove and the serpent, but are these all? No. The rainbow is also a sign of Love, after another fashion. And it is this Love that binds the universe together.”

(Humorous background thought of apologies to Lucas and Spielberg.)

For a moment there was a flash of the Great Serpent of the Judgment card seen previously. Now the Serpent transformed himself into a circular rainbow, which pulsed, sending off shock waves in the seven colors throughout the space. I thought of a Cepheid variable throwing off a spherical shell of light, and of the heart of a moment before, and understood that they were representations of the same idea in different forms.

“Seven are the thoughts of God; seven are the stars of the Bear, each a beating heart sending one of those thoughts into the universe. The Dragon wraps about them and basks in their light, warming himself at their fire. He is heated by the thoughts of God until he glows with a white heat himself, and must throw off that heat as light into the circle that is the zodiac. And within this circle dance the Seven who are gods to this world.”

At this point I noted that my own aura was echoing the pulses of the Serpent, and was surrounded by a rainbow ring. My attention became wholly engrossed in the pulsing radiance for a time, and thought stopped.

Gods, what a sensation! It was as if my magickal body had become seven bodies, each of a different color and note, and all my thoughts and knowledge, and all the structures of my being, had been decomposed into these primal notes and separated by their colors. No thought or perception that required admixture of these notes could exist. No composite things at all.

Each of these bodies was distinct, though for the most part they moved together, one leading and the others following after a few moments, giving an impression like the video effect where motion of an object leaves a trail of ghost images behind it.

“Now,” the voice said (and my consciousness quickly collected itself), “as it is in the heavens, so it is on this world, within the range of being called the human Tree of Life. The Dragon is concealed within the Supernals; he absorbs the vibrations emanating from the Still Point, and transforms them, stepping them down so that they can make the seven lower worlds of the Tree. (I say 'he' but there is no true sex here.)

“The Dragon is everywhere in the Supernals, but his motion downwards comes primarily through the path of the Arrow, from the sphere of Wisdom. For as the Solar system gods are within the zodiac, so are the spheres within the sphere of the Fixed Stars. (Save for Binah, who is both within and without.) And you remember, o man, that upon a time it was said to you that Saturn is properly Malkuth, not Binah.

“This is the highest function of the path of the Arrow. Now see the image as it should be for this aspect.”

The image of the Tarot card “Temperance” appeared before me, but with some differences. The angel of the card was enclosed within the half-circle of a rainbow, the ends of which were at the level of the angel's elbows. There were no mountains in the background, just the night-sky, with the Bear and the Dragon visible through the arch of the rainbow. The circle of the zodiac surrounds the figure and rainbow.

The angel's arms formed an upright triangle, forearms horizontal, hands with palms facing each others, separated by about a hand's length. In front of him was a square altar, on which stood a cup or grail whose vertical cross-section was a downward-pointing triangle. From out the angel's palms flowed two streams of rainbow liquid, which mixed together between them and fell the short distance into the grail.

“You understand this aright. Explain as you will, by your ingenium.” (The voice had apparently been monitoring my thoughts as I examined this image.

“It is this last step, the admixture of what was separated, that is rightly the place of Andispi. The separations of the thought of God were present in the previous visions of LIL, but hidden in the general chaos of the beginning of creation. They are here re-mixed in the moment of transmittal from the transfinite to the finite aspects of existence.

“Know you that it is the glory made manifest that is our place, the heavenly powers brought into the vision and being of men. We are pure still, not admixed, each a different one of the notes of God's voice. Thus when we touched you did the mixed become separated. That which passes through us becomes mixed in its descent, as the Tarot image shows.

“Now to other things: Pursue these visions as you will, each in its own time.”

Here the voice paused a while, though the sense of contact did not diminish.

“We are done.”

I thanked the ministers for their presentation, and closed the vision.

Seer's comments:

Andispi is the first Part ruled by Lavavoth, whose attribute in the system being used for this project is Sagittarius. It's symbols play a large part in the presentation for this Part.

Sagittarius is an odd sign, with multiple aspects. It is the sign of one-pointed focus towards a goal (represented by the arrow). It is also the sign of what is erroneously called “synthetic” thinking, usually with Gemini and Mercury representing the opposite pole of analytic thinking. I say “erroneous” because the Sag mode of perception and thought involves both taking apart of perceptions (analysis) and joining or blending of multiple perceptions (synthesis). The same is also true of Gemini.

It would be more correct to say that Gemini deals with the object-like aspects of perception, while Sagittarius deals with the vibration-like aspects. Within their separate aspects, each has the capacity to distinguish salient features of experience, and to make connections between experiences based on those features. In this vision, these functions of Sagittarius are shown as part of a more universal process, the one by which transcendental powers are translated into finite events.

We begin with a reprise of the Great Serpent image seen in Samapha. As was said there, “in wrapping himself about the Still Point he becomes a sphere of sevenfold vibrations radiating therefrom.” That point is expanded here, though the symbolism is a bit confusing.

The heart and the Cepheid variable are similar in that they both pulse with a single rhythm. That is, each has a single vibration, and could thereby be said to be the archetype of a particular energy. One might associate them with Kether, but I am not certain.

Having shown them, the vision expands this idea and shows the stars of Ursa Minor as the seven manifest vibrations of some invisible divine entity. BN OISh, Hebrew for Ursa Minor, has the same value as ThBL, Hebrew equivalent of “cosmos”. The shortened version OISh, also used by the Voice, has the same value as RQIO, “heaven” or “firmament”. This can be taken as a confirmation that it expresses a set of universal principles or powers.

The constellation of Draco spatially “wraps around” the Bear, figuratively absorbing the vibrations shed by the Bear's stars. In turn the Dragon re-radiates and distributes the heat in a different form, bringing the cosmic power down to the solar level in the form of the zodiac. And within the Zero of the zodiac another seven powers move and act.

In Achad's Tree of Life, the values of the paths connecting the Supernal Triad sum to 510. This is the value of ThNIN, the Hebrew name for Draco. Thus, as the Voice says, he is “concealed within the Supernals”, reflecting the cosmic scheme down into our local scheme. As Ursa Minor represents the cosmic “thoughts of God”, so Kether represents the will of some entity existing outside the limits of our Tree. The Dragon in the Tree transforms the power of Kether into a form consonant with those limits, and sends it downwards through Chokmah and the path of Sagittarius, which connects Chokmah with Chesed. So we have a complete parallel between the cosmic and local schemes:

Cosmic Local

A Hidden God, Still Point at the center of Kether expressing through seven Suns

Constellation Draco

Draco as Supernal Triad

Zodiac constellations Chokmah as Sphere of the Zodiac

Seven Planets Vibrations that eventually form the Seven lower Spheres of the Tree

In the modified Tarot image, the upward-pointing triangle is the Supernal Triad; the downward-pointing triangle is the second triad, and the square altar represents the “elemental” worlds below Tiphereth. The overall symbolism of the image compresses the two parallel lines above into one.

The vision of Andispi completes the three Parts within the Aethyr ZOM.

Comparison with Crowley's vision of ZOM yields only one point of similarity: the symbolism of the Great Serpent surrounding the Still Point. This takes only two paragraphs in Crowley's account; the rest is concerned with confusion, delusion, and various horrible versions of sublime images. One might wonder at the differences, but should not be surprised. It was Crowley's belief that the first three Aethyrs resided entirely within Kether; his inability to penetrate them is thus somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is also clear from the footnotes to The Vision and the Voice that Crowley decided in advance what he should be seeing in each Aethyr, according to a questionable set of attributes for the Enochian characters. His results largely reflect his expectations, with the occasional unusual insight forcing its way through a thick curtain of inappropriate symbols.

The current seer had a substantially different view of the matter going in. What is surprising is that the results have not conformed to my expectations to any great degree. I expected to find a lot of differing powers, but all of basically the same level of reality. That is to say, a “horizontal” distribution like political divisions on a map, with varying customs and themes in each “country”. Instead, it is shaping up more into a vertical progression, though not so orderly a one as might be expected; we are not following the paths in sequence down the Tree.

While not conforming to my expectations, the visions are certainly conforming – in a general way – to my knowledge and symbols. I have used Achad's Tree of Life exclusively for almost a quarter-century; the symbolism of the G.D. Tree, which figures so largely in Crowley's vision, is entirely alien to my perceptions. But there are surprises as well; the Sumerian goddess Inanna has not figured largely in my previous work, aside from a few invocations of her Venusian aspect; the more cosmic aspect here is new to me. The Great Serpent has hardly figured at all; I discovered the connection to the Supernal Triad years ago and could not make sense of it, and so forgot it.

The Parts in the Aethyr ZOM present in essence three aspects of Fire: Pure, divine Fire in Samapha, destructive Fire in Virooli, creative Fire in Andispi. These are presented in terms of the three paths of Achad's Tree that descend vertically from the Supernal Triad, and thus transmit the divine will into the manifest worlds. Note that only the highest aspect of each path is shown, that which has the greatest influence from the sephira at the top of its length. If indications are correct, we can expect that somewhere further on we will see Parts that show the paths' powers with the upper and lower sephiroth in balance, and with the lower sephiroth dominant.

There are some odd reversals presented among these aspects. The divine fire erases its creation; the destructive fire dissolves into unity in Binah; the creative fire of Love or Art, instead of unifying, brings about a deconstruction of unity into a sevenfold diversity. No doubt much meditation will be needed before I can explain this.

Examining the previously-done triads of Parts, we see some continuing patterns. In each Aethyr, one part represents a “positive” pole, another an anti-positive (but not necessarily “negative”) pole, and a third that balances or transcends them. An alternating “vertical” polarity is overlaid on this: in the Parts for the First and Third Aethyrs, the first Part in the sequence was the balancing form. In the second, it was the last in sequence. There may be an additional threefold connection among these first three Aethyrs as well. The overall flavor of the first Aethyr seems to me to be more or less neutral; the second Aethyr was clearly “female”, the third clearly “male” in mode. We will see after the next nine Parts whether this pattern continues.