Dongnis or Doagnis, part of ARN. Zodiacal King: Zarnaah Servitors: 3636 Equivalent to Cappadocia in Liber Scientia.

August 24, 1994 circa 2:00 p.m.

Everything is dark, dark. And in the center is a deeper darkness, that feels like a circular sinkhole in the fabric of the space, a cylinder of emptiness in the midst of things.

Now it seems as if this cylinder is becoming lit from some source inside it. Lines of light trace a rectilinear grid over its inner surface, and it becomes filled with a light like daylight. It begins to rotate on its long axis. Simultaneously, my viewpoint rotates about it in a horizontal plane so that I am seeing its length from an outside point perpendicular to the axis and equidistant from its ends. Its rotation is such that the upper side is rolling away from my viewpoint.

I can still see the grid inside it, vaguely through its surface. The grid becomes clearer, and begins to shine from the outside as well. The shining potions become raised in relief against the surface, and the whole takes on a sense of solidity.

Suddenly the cylinder begins to move away from me rapidly. It leaves behind an imprint of its shining lines, like the cylindrical seals used by ancients governors. It seems to be creating the surface it is imprinting as it rolls along. The cylinder recedes into the distance and vanishes.

The long, paper-thin surface it left behind now begins to curl upwards at the sides. The long sides come together, but in such a way that the grid-lines at right angles to its length are offset by one line at their meeting point. The new cylinder thus formed has straight lines along its length; the cross-lines, which were rectilinear in the original cylinder, now form several helices around it, due to the offset. Those parts of the “surface” that were not imprinted now dissolve, leaving a cylindrical net of glowing lines.

This process propagates itself along the length of the surface until any still-unconnected parts are lost in the distance. Nothing else happens for a few minutes.

While all this was happening, I got a vague impression that the helical net is a representation of the universe – no, specifically of the solar system. Each of the helices represents a planet's course through space, while the straight lines represent the course of the system as a whole. And by correspondence, it also represents the psyche and experience of man, wherein events are cyclic but progress forward in time.

Now a voice said, “How else shall chaos be taméd? How else shall the disorder of creations' energies be brought into order? How else shall balance be attained? Is it not said, 'Her course let it run with the heavens, and as a handmaid let her serve them'?

“Change cannot be stopped or frozen; that way lies the grave, and the end of things. Yet it can be diverted, and set to run along a limited set of paths; paths which lead, in the end, to the achievement of the creator's purpose.

“Here in this region, the powers previously shown, the powers of creative energy unleashed within the Earth, are for the first time brought into ordering, so that the dynamic changes that take place in the world, by the will of god, shall all be (in the long run) of benefit to his purpose.

“Yet is this ordering hidden from the minds of men, and the lesser beings who inhabit the earth; they see only the surface of remaining disorder, the clashing of powers as they compete for influence over events. Thus is it said 'Confound the understanding of her with darkness'.

“Now let us move away from this for a time, for this is a profound mystery, and not to be revealed in its entirety. By other means might we know more of the action here. Let the 3636 ministers who dwell herein make themselves known.”

A multitude of beings appeared. Most of them were dressed in judicial robes, some with the white wigs of English tradition. All carried implements in their hands; some a gavel, others a scale, others yet a book of laws. And among them was one who carried about him the image of the Six of Pentacles in the Rider deck; this one projected this image so strongly that the rest were hidden.

The voice said, “This card is called 'Material Success', and yet the image shows not a man among his wealth, as would be the case for that meaning, but a man standing with his head above the other people, carrying a set of balances raised in the air above their line of sight, while with his other hand he distributes gold to the lowly, some to one, more to another, none to others.

“Thus it symbolizes the function of this region; events conform to a balance on a high level, yet that which comes into the manifest world (represented by the kneeling figures) is of a seemingly random and capricious nature. And he who acts within those higher levels knows of the balance, yet cannot act within the world in a purely balanced manner. Thus he seems unfair, even cruel, to those who know not the God of Justice and his works and purpose. They unconsciously recognize his inner wealth, and view him with fear, and envy, and resentment, and with the urge to spoil. Thus does his balance evoke imbalance.

“So also with the ministers of Doagnis; they are concerned not with the justice of their acts as seen by the uninitiated, or by the lesser creatures of Earth. They act only to set god's limitations upon the chaos of his creative energies, to channel the Timeless according to the dictates of Time. For the outcome of those limitations in the worlds of men, they care not at all. For the world is an illusion to them, a place of horrors and joys quickly passed, ephemeral and unreal. Tis all a stage to them, and the men and women only players; they know that when the players remove their masks and exit the stage, then is the play seen for what it was, and the great trials of life are dismissed as a momentary dream.

“Now, you could penetrate further into this place, but it seems not necessary at this time. Come again when you will, or go on to another region. Fare you well.”

The sense of the voice's presence faded. The image of the Six of Pentacles remained for a time, then it too faded. I left the vision.

Seer's comments:

According to the system I was directed to use for these visions, the Zodiacal King ruling Doagnis is attributed to Libra. The overall sense of the vision, however, was more Saturnian. The hole, cylinder, and rectilinear designs of the early part are all related to that planet, as are the general themes of Time and imposed order.

Even when Libra does appear, in the ideas of balance and justice, it is a lesser or degenerate form of the sign's ideal. Justice is not seen as a balancing of injury and compensation, or of mediation between conflicting goals, but simply as selective restriction on the individual expressions possible in nature. The consequence of such a view is often extreme injustice.

The three regions of LIL shown in previous visions all had something to do with the theme of “failure of government”, consequent upon the fall from the unity of pure divinity. Perhaps it is not so surprising that this first region of ARN should go to the opposite extreme, seeking to impose an artificial unity (as represented by the rectilinear grid) as a substitute for the real thing.

The justice and order shown here is the false justice of the religious or political fanatic, the person who fears the unspeakable variety of existence, and therefor seeks to restrict it to “safe” or “correct” manifestations. It is the order of the person who mistakes his own internally generated image of god for god itself, who mistakes his own limited perceptions for those of god, and seeks to impose them on all others.

Compare the justifications following the appearance of the Six of Pentacles with those of any idealist, revolutionary or religious politician. Like those people, the beings here justify their cruelties in the real world by claiming to follow a “higher purpose”, saying that the miseries they force on their fellow beings are necessary to promote the higher good. Like the Voice of this vision, they even lay the blame for it on those they oppress, saying “It's all their fault if they can't see the Great Purpose.”