Pacasna, part #5, 2nd of ARN, ARN. Zodiacal King: ZIRACAH Ministers: 2362 Mundane region: Tuscia

Thursday, August 25, 1994 3:05 PM

As soon as I thought about doing this vision, my head was filled with light, of an odd quality. The old sci-fi hack's term “sleeting radiation” seemed perfectly appropriate. It felt like my head was being irradiated by some point-source that just happened to be coincide with its center, but was in no way directly connected with it. The radiation gave the impression of packets of energy that zapped outwards from the source, each leaving behind a streak of energized paths in the neurons of the brain. Each streak produced a sense of bubbling energy in the brain.

I vibrated the Call and appropriate names, and recorded the above paragraph.

After vibrating the names for several minutes more, a space started to appear. Rather than appearing and then remaining steady, it would become visible for a moment, then it would disappear again, then reappear. Rather like watching a movie with a pause between frames. The space did not seem to exist when not visible; there was no sense that events there had advanced any in the time between appearances.

Finally the appearance steadied. But the situation was not entirely improved thereby; now it seemed as if the space had two aspects, which I was viewing simultaneously.

In one of these views, I saw many people dressed in violet-colored robes with trim in the complementary yellow. Each carried some sort of box held before him. The boxes were decorated with ribbons of many colors, which drifted and waved about as they moved. I got the sense that the boxes held holy relics of some sort, or were themselves relics. Each of these people moved on a unique path through space, never touching or colliding with others.

As they moved, one or another of them would sing a note. And as that note reached the ears of certain others, they would in turn sing – usually a different note, but one in the same key. Only a few responded to any particular note, but all of them were responding to some note within any short period of time. The overall effect was of a light rain in which the landing of every drop produced a different tone.

It also seemed that every time one of them sounded a note, the ribbons on the boxes they held extended a bit further out into the surrounding space, each ribbon still waving in invisible currents. Eventually the entire space was filled with crisscrossing ribbons, practically obscuring their origins.

The other view was less striking. Balls of light moved on slow orbital paths through the space. Occasionally one would throw out a smaller bit of light, which would move along until it hit another large ball. The receiving ball would momentarily brighten and expand its diameter; after an irregular period of time it would in turn throw out a smaller ball of light, at the same time dimming and becoming smaller.

Turning back to the first view, I examined the boxes more closely. Each was made of square panels with smooth square borders covering about one-sixth of their width. The center of each panel, each side, was filled with intricate carvings in every imaginable style and subject-matter. The carvings moved as I watched, so that the pictures unfolded their stories. The movements went in jerks – a change, then a short wait, another change, and so on.

E.g., in one showing a mass of ivy, the vines would slowly move and sprout new leaves, live a time-lapse image of plant growth. In another a macabre scene showed a woman being slowly burned at the stake while peasants and a demon in priests robes watched, danced, and talked among themselves. In another a composer slowly set notes of a score onto paper. I had the impression that if I looked long enough I could find the whole world's history and human activity represented in the sides of these many boxes.

But at the same time I sensed that these scenes were superficial. They did not in any way reflect the contents of the boxes; they were all “outside” and no “inside”.

Examining the interior of one box I found – more boxes. Each was like the one that contained it, in that it had ribbons waving about it and panels with pictures. It seemed that each of the major boxes contained its own universe of smaller boxes, and possibly each of these in turn contained its own internal universe. And if I suppressed knowledge of the enclosing level of boxes for a moment, it seemed that these smaller boxes connected not only with those in their own “universe” but as well with those in every other.

I began to weary of looking at this Chinese-puzzle world, and thought it was time for the Voice to come and make some explanation of things. After a few moments, it did so.

“You have already recognized the essence of this vision, and I will leave it to you to explain in your notes. Let us touch upon some other concerns at this time.

“The boxes are, as you guessed, entities of some sort or another; not always, or even usually, human, but organizations of matter into complex forms. Any of the kingdoms of nature might be represented, or any of many other unrecognized systems.

“Each such entity carries with it not only the behavior it presents to the world (in the form of the pictures) but also its own complete history of existence, and [emphasized] the history of every component that went into its making, back to the very beginnings of things. And each of these components continues to interact with the rest of the universe in its own terms, even as it acts as a part of the larger whole. This is the true living order of existence, as opposed to the sterile, dead order of the previous vision. Explain the rest as you will; it is no great difficulty for you.

“Now, what I intended to remark upon was the manner in which you might progress further in your understanding of the Enochian universe and its god. This is a matter not entirely related to these visions of the Parts, and so should not be done by me. Bide a moment and another will come and tell you.”

I waited. After several minutes there were brief shadowy images of a figure standing before me. Nothing more happened, so I got up and went to the bathroom, then sat on my bed and meditated for a while.

There was a feeling that I needed to be in a different space in order to understand what was coming. Reaching out to sense that space, I tried to discard the power of the Part and adopt the new one.

Shortly I had a brief sight of the Comselha circle, as seen from high above. As described elsewhere, I noted a toroidal field of force around it, with a beam projecting upwards from the hollow center. I felt myself drawn into this beam. Gradually it drew me upwards until I was within sight of the interstellar nexus being built on the edge of the Earth's aura.

I noted that it's construction seemed to be coming along well. Only a couple of unincorporated sections remained at a distance from the main structure, and that structure was solidly anchored by heavy beams directed at nearby stars and the Earth.

The core levels appeared to be completely finished; I could see no gaps in the sphere. A larger surrounding sphere was almost complete; I sensed that several individual lines of force still needed to be anchored.

Moving into the center of the sphere, I saw a glyph high up on one wall. I could not see it clearly, but it appeared to be a cross between the Hindu OM and the glyph of Capricorn. Perhaps this was a designator for stars or constellations in that direction? Other glyphs also appeared, but even more difficult to see, as if as yet their force had not be completely set in place here.

Sunday, August 28, 1994 1:03 PM

For some reason, I wasn't very happy with the vision of Pacasna, and decided to do it again, just to see if anything else could be seen.

Vibrated the Call twice, vibrating the name of the Aethyr a few times in between. Called upon Ziracah to direct the ministers dwelling in Pacasna to come to my aid and demonstrate the power of their part of the Earth.

Almost immediately I got the same sense of “bubbling energy” the opened the previous vision. No images appeared, but I started getting intuitions about the Parts.

It occurred to me that these first two parts of ARN represent, in an odd way, the “mother” and “father” aspects of existence. Doagnis placed a heavy emphasis on Time and Regulated Motion as the sources of Order. Pacasna places the emphasis on Energy and Innate Relationship as a sort of non-imposed order, with an added fillip of Unpredictability. So their essential natures are contrary.

It also occurred to me that Doagnis places more emphasis on the influence of the “higher” worlds, represented by the astrological forces, where events are collected into a sort of synthesis by their relationship to those forces. Whereas Pacasna places emphasis on the seemingly chaotic manifestation of events within the “lower” worlds, where the unique natures of things have their expression – as represented by the highly varied pictures that appeared on the sides of the boxes. (Note that the boxes are all “outside” and no “inside”, as might be said of manifestations in Malkuth as the world of shells. Thus the duality of the two parts is shown again, and the theme of Division common to the Parts in LIL is continued as an unspoken background.

One might also contrast the two as representing respectively the relativistic and the quantum mechanical views of reality. The events in Doagnis occurred in smooth, continuous changes of state; events in Pacasna occurred in discrete “jumps”.

And again, in Doagnis there is a definite hierarchy of above and below. In Pacasna hierarchy is a matter of arbitrary viewpoint; events on all levels are essentially similar, and take place at the same time, with no way to tell which level of events is causative or most significant.

I also get the impression that the three Parts in ARN are in mirror sequence to those of LIL. Where in LIL the order goes 1-2-3, in ARN it goes 6-5-4. Thus I am doing the Parts in backwards order, as far as their interrelationship goes. It may be that this is the reason for my sense of dissatisfaction with the visions; I am seeing the end before the beginning.

Having received these intuitions, the energy of the Part lapsed, and I stopped attempting to receive more.