Pascomb, Part 2 of 91, 2nd of LIL. Zodiacal King: Zinggen. Ministers: 2360. Mundane association: Syria

7/15/1994 2:40 p.m.

I invoked PASCOMB by the power of Zinggen and the Aethyr LIL, calling upon the 2360 ministers who dwell there to come and present its nature.

At first there was only a sense of a very strange energy. A sort of quintessence of sundering, without any object. As if an act of ripping something apart had been separated from the things being ripped and made into a spiritual ideal.

A voice said:

“A mighty tearing suffuses the universe, rending each thing from its opposite. That which is above and that which is below are sundered from one another; that which is to the right is sundered from that which is to the left; that which is before is sundered from that which is behind.

“And all things are brought to one level; each thing above is brought down, each thing below is raised up; that which is before and behind, to the left and to the right, are brought to the center and inextricably mixed.

“And out of that mixture are new dualities formed. None higher or lower than the others; there is no ranking here. Observe:”

There came before me the image of the sign of Gemini seen in the last vision, with its straight side pillars and the curved top and bottom bars. It underwent a transformation: the portions of the bars between the two pillars broke away from the parts outside; those outer parts blended into the pillars. Gradually the two center parts of the bars moved towards the center of the figure; as they did so, the parts of the pillars they passed ceased to be straight and became smoothly curved towards the outside. The bars met and merged together into one longer bar, and the sign of Gemini was transformed into the sign of Pisces.

“Thus it is with these parts of the Aethyrs, which God has made into parts of the Earth. For she is not a place of hierarchies, but a [spherical] surface; and upon that surface are the powers arrayed in their might. That which is shown as various spheres in Dee's diagram is not truly so. The parts are dispersed about her surface like the colors about the surface of a soap bubble; and like those colors, they are constantly shifting, changing their places. At one moment one might cover a great territory, only to be practically overthrown in the next by its neighbors.”

(As the above was said, it was impressed on me in an instant that all the variations of the Earth's surface were minute and indistinguishable with respect to the world's size. The highest mountains and deepest ocean trenches vary less than one part in sixteen hundred of the world's diameter. In relation to its size, the variations in the Earth's surface are no more significant than the variations in thickness that cause the color shifts of the soap bubble. Why this should be emphasized, I don't know; perhaps I missed something.)

Now I saw an image of the world with the Aethyrs arrayed about it in concentric spheres. Again there came the sundering force that opened the vision, and all these spheres were broken into pieces. The pieces tumbled down towards the Earth, and as they hit the surface they slid over and around each other until none of them was above any other. Gradually they expanded and shifted until they covered the entire surface.

Each of these pieces seemed to be both a sort of energy and a living liquid at the same time. I could distinguish them by their differing shades and hues, each unique. Now they seemed to be at war with each other; the effect was of a bunch of brightly colored slime molds fighting for territory. Each pushed against its neighbors, seeking to gain more ground for itself. One might lose ground for a time, but was never completely extinguished; if all its territory in one place was taken by its neighbors, it simply sprang up again in another place where the pressure was low.

And it seemed to me that each of these living “parts” was in fact the cause of some idea that lives in the minds of men, or rather of those shared perceptions and ideals that make up the identity of a nation or a group. Because each part is unique in its essence, it follows that all groups must be in conflict with each other at one time or another. Harmony is the result of likeness or complementarity of nature; where likeness does not exist, there must be friction and conflict. Thus the idea of complete unity among nations is doomed to fail, as is the unity or harmony between groups within nations. If a certain type of belief or government is overthrown in a certain part of the Earth's population, it will simply appear again in another part, or as a minority belief within a particular culture.

The voice said: “Thou hast grasped it. Thus it was said to Dee that these parts governed the governments of the Earth, and that one could manipulate those governments through the use of the power of the corresponding part. It extends through all levels of organization within the world; since all individuals are unique, they must at sometimes be in conflict with their neighbors. And thus it was said in the Thelemic book that Horus, god of War, is the ruler of this world.

“We would emphasize again that the parts of the Earth, and the Aethyrs from which they spring, are not expressions of the unity of existence, but of the aspect of discord. In this they are the complement, the necessary balance to the divine and angelic Names derived from the Great Table by orderly means. Those names and hierarchies show the unity aspect, the merging of the discord of events into the singleness of spirit. Here we deal with the shattering of that unity, with its expression in the unspeakable variety of unique events taking place in the world at any moment.

“Now, in order to continue, we would have you wait for an hour or so, and relax. For there is more to see, but the time is not quite right. Return again today.

7/16/1994 8:04 p.m.

(I did not return to the vision until now because the timing felt wrong.)

I again recited the Call for LIL and invoked PASCOMB. After a few minutes the force of the Part came strongly. The Voice continued.

“Now, you have grasped the connection between the power of these Parts and the actions of government. Truly, the world is in a constant state of war, from the standpoint of the Aethyrs. And the most active, violent of those wars at present take place not upon the physical plane, but upon the planes of emotion and reason, For each Idea has power within these worlds, and any Idea which is supported at its core by the creative power of God (as most are) cannot be eradicated wholly from the world.

“Even should it be wholly washed away from the minds of all living beings, it would arise again spontaneously. For it requires not the power of men to maintain its existence; its has an energy separate from their recognition and support. Should it be washed away, then at some future moment, some man or woman would (through natural affinity) touch its power with their mind, and it would instantly become real within the world again.

“This war is perpetual, and the only thing that changes its character are the slow changes in the consciousness of God, as its creative plan evolves over time. At any given point in time, some ideas are emphasized by these changes and others de-emphasized. Thus in the previous age did social ideas take an extreme hierarchical form with those on the bottom serving those on top, while in this present age are social ideas more oriented towards the masses of men and their needs.

“But the dominance of one sort of ideal does not eliminate the others; they remain always, and insinuate themselves into the functioning of society and of life in the details of activity where they cannot gain dominance in the overall rulership. And if that dominance of an ideal should fail, then others – temporarily suppressed – regain their prior place. Thus the rapidity with which the Soviet Union devolved into its cultural predecessors; the local cultures had not been absorbed by the ideal, but only overlaid, partially smothered by it.

“And the war is reflected even in the functioning of the living things of the world. For each type of animal and each type of plant is at war with those upon which it feeds, even as it is dependent upon them. And each unique being fights against its neighbors for its share of the available resources. Trees wage slow, years-long battles against each other; lesser plants feed upon the detritus of that war, and wage their smaller wars beneath. And so on.

“Never shall this conflict be done, no, not even should the Kingdom of Heaven come. For it is the nature of the third of the three Great Aspects of God's creation (of which the body, emotions, and mind are a part) that every particle and composite being within the world shall respond uniquely to the power of God's creative will. Where the proper goal of each is unique [i.e., it's “true will” under the power of the divine] then conflict inevitably arises.

(On an unspoken level, it was also mentioned that unity lies only in the Second and First divine aspects, those of Love and Will (or Being), both of which are entirely spiritual in nature, and come into the manifest world only through the action of initiated sapients.)

“There is no unity within the manifest world, nor shall there ever be. Those who seek to impose such a unity, through law or morals or “correct behavior” are doomed to failure. God wishes it so; were the manifest world one in all ways then it would no longer be a fit material for His creative activity, and for the creations of those lesser beings who dwell within it. Creation is change, and change always brings conflict.

“Now we have said enough and would end here, if you will.”

I said I had no questions that had not already been answered in the nonverbal subtext of the presentation. I thanked those who spoke, and ended the vision.