Samapha, number 7 of 91 Parts, first of ZOM. Zodiacal King: Zarzilg. Ministers: 4400. Mundane association: Hyrcania (NE Iran, on shore of the Caspian Sea).

Thursday, September 01, 1994 3:29 PM

Vibrated the Call and invoked the names as usual.

The sigil of the Part stood before in vision for a time; an air of aggressive presence radiated from it. I absorbed some of this radiance into myself, and as I did so began to see into another space behind it.

The second space was filled with light of a bright, electric-green color, just slightly greener than Mt. Dew soft drink. Within it were tiny flakes of another shade of green, also electric, so that the overall effect was of a liquid with particles suspended in it.

Nothing happened for a time, and my thoughts drifted off into things I might add to the book. After a brief time my attention returned, and I noted that my astral body felt as if it were occupying the same place as the sigil. Gradually the viewpoint drifted forward through the sigil. Turning, I saw it as a gate into the space where I now stood. My viewpoint was now split in two, half continuing to see the green space, the other half in whatever place the gate of the sigil led to.

I vibrated the name of the Part for several minutes. Nothing more happened. Finally I gave up on trying to get the Part to manifest as a vision, and tried instead to simply get its energies to come into my body. I withdrew all my attention into my body and reoriented to this new purpose.

The effect was immediate and overwhelming. I was hit with a flow of force that threatened to dissolve my awareness into a swirl of particles and blow it away. For a few moments I was so disoriented that I almost fell out of my chair.

Leaning back and closing my eyes, I tried to relax my magickal body to accept the forces. For several minutes there was chaos; the force, like an abrasive wind, whipped away parts of myself that were not in tune with it, stripping off parts that were attuned to lower levels of reality and leaving behind only their higher-plane equivalents.

Finally the worst of it was over and I began to see clearly again. It was apparent that on some level everything removable had been stripped away from me, leaving only a skeletal structure of adamantine hardness. There did not seem to be any pattern or balance to what remained; it was simply composed of those parts of my structure too tough to be affected; within my aura they formed a structure as random and jagged as the casting of a deep-sea worm.

The force continued to flow, and it became apparent that these remaining parts were in some way either restricting that flow, or casting a shadow such that I could not see this Part clearly. Perhaps both. Worse, it was clear that the very mind-set necessary to my visionary work was itself adding to the restriction; perhaps my nature as a being was simply incompatible with the forces here.

This constricting feeling became stronger. I assumed the asana called “The God” in the hope that this would allow a freer flow. It did not. Physical symptoms began to appear – shortness of breath, feelings of constriction from my clothes, wristwatch, and glasses. After several more minutes I got up, stripped off all of it, and sat on my bed in half-lotus. This eased the physical sensations (but did not completely erase them) and I could give my attention fully to adjusting to the force.

For the next half-hour I gave my attention to deliberately relaxing the parts of myself that were resisting, one by one. Eventually I had to stop from exhaustion; the work was that hard, and remained incomplete. I lay down and drifted in a half-trance for a while, then got up and completed this record.

I am tempted to skip this Part and go on, but I resolved at the beginning to do them in order, and it seems best to continue, despite the difficulties. I would guess that it will take at least two more sessions before I can penetrate into the Part fully.

Friday, September 02, 1994 1:17 PM

Vibrated the Call and appropriate names as usual.

Upon vibrating the name Samapha, I became filled with an energy much like yesterday's; power with a very high vibration rate, which tended to throw off anything it contacted that was not of a compatible nature. While still completely in my body, it seemed that this power had somehow cast off parts of my aura, leaving behind structures similar in function but of a much higher quality. There was also a sensation of heat distributed throughout my body, but particularly noticeable on the insides of the thighs and calves.

Turning my vision to the astral level, the first thing I saw was an image of the Tarot card “The Lovers”. This lasted only an instant; a third figure was added between the man and woman, and the background transformed until it was the card “Judgment”. Specifically, the version seen in Wang's G.D. deck. The angel was within a white triangle surrounded by a circle formed from the Great Serpent.

(I suddenly understood that the green field that opened yesterday's vision was in the flashing colors of fire. The electric green would flash with red, and the darker green flakes would flash with scarlet.)

Now a voice said: “Judgment has come; but what is it that is to be judged? A man? No. A demon? No. Only that which is of the nature of the Fire can pass through the Fire. As it is said: ultimate sparks of intimate fire.

“That which is of the Earth is not of us; nor that of the Sun, nor that of the Realms of Death and Destruction; we are wholly within the highest. Power is ours; power to create the world, power to destroy it again. We are the essence of the divine creative will, personified and made manifest. We descend from on high, and that which we touch is burned to ash, burned to make way for that which is to come, in glory, from the all-highest.

“And shall you pass us, O man? Not at this time; we speak not for the future.

“We descend from on high, and everything before us is laid waste. The gardens of Isis are desiccated and burned. The might of Horus is laid low. The dissolving seas of Set are evaporated into steam, which rises up into the sky and disperses. The realms of Thoth survive, but are transforméd; only glittering crystalline threads remain where once were living thoughts of the purpose of god.

“Call us the Teeth of the Serpent. For as the Serpent rises up the Tree, so his head is in Kether, and his teeth clasp the Still Point. There is nothing manifest that is closer to that point than we; for even though our Path is not the first, yet our nature is not changed from the Point, while those that descend to the left and to the right do deviate in nature from the essence. Being of the path of balance, we retain its nature.”

(The vision had a tendency to dissolve back into pure power, and this power kept building up in my magickal body. I could not sit still, and went outside to sit on the grass for a time, hoping the plants' vibrations would cool me off a bit. Seemed to work.)

“Now, the Serpent of the Tarot card is not the serpent who climbs the Tree. The former has his tail in realms beyond this world; and in wrapping himself about the Still Point he becomes a sphere of sevenfold vibrations radiating therefrom.

“And so are we, though wholly of this world, the reflection of events beyond. As was the goddess of the previous vision.

“Where she was the reflection of the ineffable substance from which all things come, so are we the reflecting of that which stimulates things to come out of her. We are the serpents who wrap themselves around her outstretched arms. The dual helical coilings they show are the nature of our motion; spiraling down into the lower worlds, yet balanced because we turn in both directions at once. And this is the swirling power that you felt yesterday, stripping off the dross from your magickal bodies, leaving behind only a pattern of god-stuff, for a time.

(Brief pause here.)

“There are other aspects of this Fire that descends from Kether; it takes on other forms as it passes through the so-called Abyss, and as it approaches Tiphereth below. That which destroys when confronted in its essence can be the support of being when diluted. And the key to the vibrations that make up the worlds; the sevenfold vibration of the Great Serpent is reflected in the sevenfold nature of the lower worlds.

“But these aspects are taken by others; we ourselves are not the ministers thereof, but only of the destruction manifested of pure divine will. Therefor is our number 4400; the number of Fire and blood and sparks, but writ large in the sky by the will of god.

“Take you of our essence, o man.”

The visual aspect had faded while the voice spoke. Now a cup of white gold appeared before me, upon which was raised the image of the Greater Countenance enclosed in a triangle, which was enclosed by the circle of the Great Serpent. (Yet it seemed that the Countenance was somehow greater than that which enclosed it.) The cup was surrounded by an aura, again of glowing white.

I took the cup in my hands, and they seemed stripped of solidity, so that from halfway up my forearms there were only the ghosts of hands to be seen. I could not feel the cup, but only a vibrating numbness.

For some reason I did not drink, as is the usual custom in such instances. Instead I raised the cup above my head and brought it downwards through my body from head to toe. When it reached the bottom there was an upwards pull; I moved it until the hollow of the cup was congruent with my heart, where the pull stopped. I released the cup and it gradually dissolved, releasing its fire into the magickal body.

“We prepare you for that which is to come. As you continue in these visions you will find our power of use; perhaps not in any obvious fashion, but as support and sustenance when none other is available.

“For now, continue as you have. You shall know when the time is right for each vision. Do not seek to push too hard, do not be in too much of a hurry. For the absorption of that which is gained shall make each further step easier.

“For now, farewell.”

The energy of the Part remained, but the sense of contact ended. And so I closed the vision and returned fully to my body.

Seer's comments:

The connection to Achad's Tree hinted at in previous visions is here made overt. In that Tree, the path of Fire connects Kether with Tiphereth. So these visions have so far covered all the paths that descend from Kether, plus the reciprocal path of Aquarius between Chokmah and Binah.

The aspect of Fire dealt with here is entirely transcendental. As the minister indicated, there are two other aspects of this path that will be dealt with elsewhere. The ministers describe themselves in various cabalistic ways, explained in the following footnotes where they are not obvious. All of these indicate that the ministers represent the first extension of the divine will into the Pillar of Balance. They are not Kether itself, but are as close to it as it is possible for a manifest being to come.

Beyond this they hint at connections to realms transcending even the Supernal Triad, as the complement to the Goddess of the previous Part. The Sumerian theme is continued by relating them to the Serpents on the arms of that Goddess. Why they should use this ancient form is not known. I would think that the modern Nuit and Hadit, with which I am much more familiar, would be a better choice; especially considering the other references to Liber AL. But their connection with Hadit is only hinted at, subsumed into the older version.