Thotanp, part 10 of 91, first of PAZ. Zodiacal King: Lavavoth Ministers: 2360 Mundane association: Thebaidi. (Thebes and environs.)

September 15, 1994

While preparing the picture of the sigil for this Part, I found myself unconsciously vibrating the name of the Part and its Zodiacal King. Checking the astral to see if anything had happened as a result, I saw the image of a downward-pointing arrow punched halfway through a horizontally positioned thin disk. The disk was colored like an archery target, in the spectral colors but not in the spectral order; from the center outwards the colors were yellow, orange, green, red, blue, indigo, violet. This puts the colors in the astronomical order of the planets, save that the Moon is in the outside circle.

(A sourceless thought explained that violet was Uranus in this case, not Luna, the latter being an occultly “dead” planet at this level, and a mask for Uranus at all levels.)

Later when practicing visualizing the sigil, the image of a square, flat-roofed temple formed in the square portion of the sigil, and the other lines became stone-paved paths leading to the Temple. The final vertical stroke of the sigil became a wider path or road running alongside a river. The temple was somewhat generic in styling; made of stone, columns supporting a roofed portico completely surrounding the enclosed central portion. The columns had the papyrus-leaf headers of Egyptian work, but nothing else was particularly distinctive.

When each of these things happened, I considered starting the vision immediately. However, the timing felt off, so I did not do so.

Monday, September 19, 1994 4:11 PM

Note: Uranus is currently transiting square my Neptune, and inconjunct my Pluto. I have been experiencing an unusual mental and physical excitation, somewhat similar to an adrenaline rush, but extended over time. Don't know how this is going to affect my ability to penetrate the part. My consciousness feels somewhat distanced from things, compared to its normal states.

Invoked the Part according to the revised procedure.

My viewpoint tilted upwards so that it was above the sigil, looking down. Behind the sigil I saw into a space wherein the arrow-and-target described above was present. It floated in a rich blue sky among clouds.

Now invisible ripples seemed to move out into space from the colored disk, like ripples on a pond. These expanded and became spherical. Each ripple passed through the Earth below, leaving behind a general vibration in the aura of the planet. Continuing outwards into the solar system, they expanded until they hit one of the planets, at which point they disappeared and the planet sent back a strongly focused ray to the Earth.

Examining the Earth more closely, it seemed to be composed of a multitude of tiny, elemental-like creatures, each of a different quality. It was these that were excited by the ripples, not the physical substance of the planet. Their activity increased and took on a churning quality, roiling upwards and down again like the turbulence cells in a flask of boiling water. I realized that these “cells” were the Parts, in their horizontal aspect.

The rays of the planets also appeared to affect these cells of elementals. Some of the cells became distorted from the ideal cylindrical shape, becoming mushroom-shaped, or like an hourglass, or a stalagmite. Others bent in one direction or another. Seen from far-off, there was a sort of pointillist effect, or like a test for color-blindness where an image was formed from dots of different colors. In this case, they spelled out the word “Life”. (I heard the word “ChIH” in the back of my mind as I read it.)

The Earth rotated, the planets moved in their courses, and the image shifted. Now the image of a woman's face took up the entire surface of the world for a moment, seeming as if seen through a gate into another space. The image shifted again and the air above the planet seemed completely filled with castles or cathedral-like structures. Each of these had a different word above its gate, but I could not read them from this position.

Ripples went out again from the arrow and target, repeating the previous movements. And again, and again. Each time the structures covering the world mutated and transformed, so that everything was in constant motion, but even the motion was structured. (All of these things were formed out of the elementals. I could see them like tiny, irregularly-shaped planes that shifted and turned under the impact of the ripples and the rays. There was a surprising economy in their movements; no one elemental ever changed very much from its previous position, but the cumulative effect of their shifts was a dramatic change in the overall structure.)

The force was getting washed out, so I withdrew from the vision at this point.

Wednesday, September 21, 1994 3:31 PM

Performed the invocation as per revised method. Very difficult getting into the visionary state – think the Uranus transit is still interfering.

Finally got in, and visualized the sigil within a circle on the ground. After a few more minutes vibrating the names, a cylinder formed in the air above the circle, and within it there appear again the image of the Temple described above. I was looking at it from the northeast, and in the middle distance behind was a red sandstone cliff, with two great gods carved into it, and an opening in the wall between them. Karnak?

A voice said: “The Nile is an arrow that passes between the gates. And at its midpoint of its travel stands the Holy City, interpreting that which is above to that which is below, and that which is below to that which is above.” (I took this to mean that, as Thebes stands between Upper and Lower Egypt, so this Part stands between the upper and lower regions of existence. I.e., between Chokmah and Chesed.)

The voice continued: “Enter into the Temple, o man.”

I stepped into the circle and felt a distinct difference in the quality of the power there. Very bright, like intense desert light, but unfocused, without a center or source. It permeated everything, and myself, without being disturbed or diverted by it.

I was like Gulliver in Lilliput; too big to fit the scenery. I tried reducing my size and could not do so. Finally I shed part of my astral body and reformed a small one to fit the scale of things. The larger part remained ghost-like above the river.

I seemed to be in Egyptian garb, unintended. A kilt made of red and blue panels, and a torc of gold with designs in black enamel or inlay. Bare torso, skin a reddish color. There was something funny about the shape of my head, but I could not see it from outside.

Moving to the temple, I mounted three shallow steps onto the portico. A tall square opening allowed entrance to the interior. Entering, I was immediately struck by a wave of power radiating from a statue in the center of the building. At first I thought it was a reflection of the waves seen coming from the target in the earlier vision, but decided I was interpreting prematurely.

The statue at the center was a statue of Set, seated in the asana called “The God”. He held nothing in his hands. Concealed within his upright ears there seemed to be the twin curves of the symbol of Uranus, with the cross between them just above his skull, and the dependent circle residing just behind his eyes.

The voice: “Now is it given to you to become the priest of the god Set, as you have been his [some concept involving qualities of “gate”, “bearer”, and “avatar”] in the past. You have stood before men and upheld his power, even as they attempt to usurp his image to their own designs.

“You stand between the higher and the lower, combining both, as Set does so stand. Neither one nor the other, your feet are in the worlds of men, and your head is in the heavens; you blend them with Art where others cannot see to link.”

(All this time I was shifting back and forth between a position in front of the god, and a position identical with his. When outside his body I could hear the speech; when inside all was silence, and a terrible concentration of force.)

“And know that this is the sense of the Tarot card of this Path. The angel stands with one foot on the ground, which is the Four-fold Establishment of Chesed; the other foot is on the Great Sea of Binah. He has taken up the substance of both in his cups, and combined them through the formation of vibrations, which are the waves that pass between the cups. All this under the rainbow, as it is done. And in the background above the mountain is the radiant spark of Hadit, the creative impulse, in this case emanating from Chokmah. For who but a Magus could wield the power of the Mother? Who else but a Magus could stand upon her and not sink?

“Do you seek a Word to give to men? Seek not; it is not necessary. For this task is above the worlds where a Word is given to men; it is an Artful weaving of the transfinite with the finite, the creation of a new link in the chain of achievement, the opening of the path to the stars. Not the establishment of a Power. No. Not the creation of a religion or a guide for their lives, but the opening up of Freedom, full, clear, and without restriction.

“Weave the substance with the form, the divine with the world. Weave your threads together so tightly that men cannot see through to the Abyss. Let the evil of separation be banished, let it be gone forever.

“You are not leading men, but opening the Door wide, and allowing them to pass through. And having come out of the house of the Mother, where shall they go? Wherever they will. None shall stop them or say them nay. The Greater World is wide, and there are no further gates, nor boundaries. O men, visit the many houses wherein the creators dwell; learn from them, assist in their work. But if this is not desired, then build your own house.

“Now, we who dwell here, in the Thebes of the spirit, salute this work and He who conceived it. Let it be done rightly and with straight ways. Amen.”

Seer's comments:

Thotanp is the second of three Parts in sequence attributed to Sagittarius in the system used for these visions. In descending Achad's Tree of Life, the path of the Archer is the first to cross from the transcendental to the finite realms, as the previously-viewed path of Mars is the first to cross in ascending the Tree.

In the Part Andispi, the highest part of the path, dominated by Chokmah, was considered. The separation of the divine light into spectral colors there suggests a wave-mode equivalent of the division into independent points which represented Chokmah in a previous Part. It also suggests the dispersion typically attributed to the so-called Abyss.

Here the path is equally influenced by Chokmah and Chesed. In Monday's vision, the separated colors are re-organized and made into a single entity, represented by the target. The outward-moving “rings” of power are typical of the expansive quality of Jupiter. These have both a direct and an indirect effect upon the Earth. The direct effect transfers the divine will-aspect of Chokmah into the Earth as an archetype in Chesed. The indirect effect, through the planets, creates a dynamic state in which the archetype can be developed and fully manifested over time. (Shown by the effect of the planetary “rays” on the “cells” in the Earth's aura.)

This Part seems to show another factor contributing to the state of conflict between the Parts, as shown in the visions for LIL. The stimulation of the ChIH (attributed to Chokmah) forces the Parts into a state of activity, with their individual reactions to the stimulation producing the conflict. Yet at the same time the Chokmah force creates a linkage between the Parts, so that on a higher level their activity is coordinated.

Wednesday's vision translates the Chokmah - Chesed linkage into religious terms. As in the first Part, the Nile represents a flow of power from the divine towards the material pole of existence. The deserts bounding it were related to the pillars of Gemini in the first Part; here the Nile becomes the downward-moving arrow of divine intent, passing through the “gate” formed by those pillars. Upper Egypt becomes a metaphor for the transcendental realm, Lower Egypt for the finite realms. Thebes, at the point between, translates one to another. As the center of religious power, it “translated” divine decree into directives for mundane action. And at nearby Karnak and the Valley of Tombs, the dead were “translated” from the mundane realm back into the divine. Being a center of religious power, it properly belongs to Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and Chesed.

(Note that Thebes is also “in between” from an historical perspective; its time of power was during the “Middle Kingdom”.)

The remainder of Wednesday's vision becomes more personal, but maintains the theme of linkage between the transcendental and finite levels. In one of the major themes of my magickal practice, the god Set governs the golden rectangle in the Tree of Life formed by the sephiroth Chokmah, Binah, Chesed and Geburah. Thus his realm includes both finite and transfinite levels of existence.

The seer's own nature is next said to be identical to the god, though on a smaller scale. His task is to erase the illusion of separation from the minds of men, showing the transfinite and the finite to be one world, with no gaps or breaks between them. (None of this is news to the seer; he has been doing this for several years now.) The mention of the grade of Magus is not an affirmation of an existing state, but a promise for the future.