Tiarpax, 15th of 91 Parts, 3rd of LIT. Zodiacal King: Zinggen Ministers: 5802 Mundane association: Oxiana

Saturday, October 22, 1994 12:14 PM

While memorizing the sigil, I got an image of what seemed to be a river between two lands. It was rather narrow along most of its length, but spread into a circular lake towards one end. And as the waters left the lake again, they spread out into very many small channels, like those in a river delta. This picture then became more abstract, the river banks turning into two lines like long-handled spoons with the hollows of their bowls facing each other.

Invoked Tiarpax according to the revised method.

A voice said: “Is this the Sun among us, who shines with the glory of God, yet to the Earth is as a light of comfort? Who among us would have this light for his own, let him only look up, and it shall shine upon him.

“To no one in the world is it denied. Nay, even if he shall be in the caves of the Earth, it shall shine and warm him, giving hope in despair, encouragement in seeking, joy and life everlasting in the finding.

“This is the Sun who lights the Earth, giving to her elements the spirit that binds and raises them.”

While this was said I was surrounded in vision by shimmering curtains of light, like auroras brought down to earth, constantly in motion.

“Would you penetrate the curtains the divide the Earth from the Sun, o men? (Not you, o seer.) It is easy; simply become like the Sun, giving of yourself without thought of self, or of return. No other way is as quick, or as certain. For the light of the Sun is the Love that encompasses all without exception, giving freely; not because it desires return, or desires to be raised up by others, but simply because its nature is to do so.

“If you make distinctions among those to whom you would give, then there is failure. For to distinguish is to exclude, and the Sun excludes none; neither does it make any difference between one thing or another. It shines, as it is said, on the just and the unjust, on the sinner and the saint, on the man and on the woman. Therefor do you also, if you would rise into his realm.

“Now rend those curtains before you, o mage.”

I performed the sign of Rending the Veil. And suddenly before me stood the Great Table of the Elements, but as I had never seen it before. The Table had multiplied itself in all directions, forming a lattice that filled all space and time. And each square of all those Tables (which were still one Table) was a living world in itself. And it seemed that every one of that near-infinite number of squares was connected to my own body; not a one of them was left out, and no part of my being remained unconnected to them. Similarly each was connected to some aspect of the Earth, with not one aspect left unconnected. Soon the difference between body and squares diminished, and it seemed that there was nothing but the Table, the activity in its squares, and a mysterious aware “something” that bound them together.

I remained in this state for quite a while; I didn't count the minutes.

“Do you understand the concept of sacrifice, o men? When the divine threw down into matter those sparks of itself that became men and women, it was not a fall. There was no sin involved, no rejection of the divine. How could that be? For they were the divine itself. And when those souls further threw themselves into matter, again it was not for rejection of that which is above, but for the saving of that which is below.

“Every life of every man and woman who has ever lived has been a sacrificial act, aimed at the saving of the matter of the world. 'Saving' in the sense of bringing it out of the state of inert negativity into a state of activity; then bringing it into a state of alignment with the divine will. And eventually, bringing it into a state where it is itself indistinguishable from the divine. Many aeons of time will this last task take; and all the men and women of Earth will be long gone to other realms before it is done. But it is begun here, and much has been accomplished.

“Every man and every woman is a savior, whether they will it or not, whether they know it or not. Every act that takes place within the worlds of Earth is a saving act, serving that purpose no matter what it seems to them. Those who are selfish, even those who are exclusively evil in their acts, they still serve this end. Their mere presence, as suns within the world, serves to make them so. By binding themselves to matter they bring the light to it, within the limits of their individual power; they raise up that matter, teach it to remain in an active state, make it more responsive to future acts of the divine will. And so it shall go.

Sunday, October 23, 1994 12:43 PM

“Now, you have known in past times that certain portions of the Tablets of Enoch are dedicated to the purpose of saving matter, of bringing it into a spiritually active state as described. And in another did you see – and act upon – the certainty that the Tablets as a whole are dedicated to the Great Work. Is not your tower of light founded upon this notion?

“Yet be aware that the Tablets as a whole, the Great Table, take, in a sense, the position of the Sun with respect to the worlds of Earth. Just as the sun shines down upon all from above, so too are the powers of the Tablets a light that penetrates the earth at all points, but does not originate therein. The angels touch the earth, but they are not of the earth; their realms connect to it along a dimension that does not impinge greatly upon the events that take place there, but only upon the energies that support those events.

“This is a difficult saying, I know. Let me try again.

“The Tablets and their angels and powers, they are the distributed and elaborated form of a divine concern for the earth that is, in its essence, a great, singular, solar Love. The power of that Love is freely given to men, without conditions set thereupon; they may take it and make use of it as they will. The one who created the Tablets and Calls is like the sun described yesterday; it makes no distinctions upon whom it shines, nor does it seek anything in return.

“Yet those who use the Tablets and Calls, as you have done, inevitably find themselves being touched by that being's Love, and they become (each within their momentary limits) the vehicles and channels of that love; as it is said, pouring down the fires of life and increase continually upon the earth. The greatest of them become identified with that Love, and with the one who expresses it; they seek to become as that being, making themselves over into gods, seeking to create, in their own ways, an equivalently powerful expression. Have you not done this yourself, in your recent previsions?”

(The Voice speaks of some thoughts I have had – really visions of possibility – in which I had thought of means of bringing down the divine light into the world in such a way that it would bypass all the constrictions that existing structures in the four worlds place upon powers that pass through them. I was trying to find a way to bring that power directly into the roots of things, so that they would be illuminated from within, so to speak. Not until this moment had I connected these thoughts with the way the Enochian god has set up its creation, though my ideas were the same in essence.)

“As to whether and how you will succeed in your seeking, I know not; it is not within my power, or that of any in this place, to see.

“Continue on in your exploration of the Parts. There is much more to be seen in coming weeks and months.

“We are done, and bid you to fare well.”

Seer's comments:

Tiarpax connects with the city of Alexandreia Oxiana, which lies on the Oxus river between the ancient regions of Bactriana (see Part 13) and Sogdiana, current-day Uzbekistan. The Oxus drains west into the Aral sea, and Oxiana is rather far from the river's delta, so the opening image could not relate directly to the physical properties of the region. However, the city was one of Alexander the Great's easternmost outposts, intended to be a mustering and jump-off point for conquests further to the east. Perhaps the images relate to the flows of men into and out of the city, rather than to flows of water.

The presentation that follows the image is clearly related to the path of Sol in Achad's Tree, and is probably our final visit to that path is this series, assuming the close connection between Tree and Parts continues. The zodiacal king, Zinggen, is related to Pisces in the attributes being used for this work, and his influence probably accounts for the concentration on the Love aspect of Sol, and the avoidance of the more common Kingly symbolism.

The presentation is unusual for being almost entirely verbal, with only one image in the body of the “vision”. There were a great deal of unrecorded non-verbal, non-image-like perceptions in the background, but these related mostly to my personal work.

Sometimes profound truths become so common that they are trivialized in the public mind. More intelligent persons reject them as platitudinous, outmoded, or evidencing lack of thought among those who propound them. In our time this has happened to the idea of love as a means of spiritual achievement, especially among those in process of separating themselves from the burden of Christian thought. It is perceived as “white-light fuzzy bunny” spirituality, suitable only for “small” or relatively “unevolved” souls.

But this is not the case in fact. No less a personage than Lao Tzu recommends precisely this method as the means of achieving the highest spiritual states:

Men and women who wish to be aware of the whole truth should adopt the practices of the Integral Way.

These time-honored disciplines calm the mind and bring one into harmony with all things.

The first practice is the practice of undiscriminating virtue: take care of those who are deserving; and also, equally take care of those who are not.

When you extend your virtue in all directions without discriminating, your feet are firmly planted on the path that returns to the Tao.

– Lao Tzu, _Hua_Hu_Ching_

Magicians should consider just what it is they seek out of initiation. Isn't it the achievement of states of being ever closer to the “positive” pole of existence? Some might perceive that achievement in terms of increasing power over events, others in terms of union with the divine, others yet in terms of increasingly inclusive perceptions of the nature of existence. Yet in every case it is movement towards that pole that is the means.

And what is the state described here but the achievement of a completely positive relationship to existence? Power flows outwards without conditions or expectation of return. Exclusiveness, specificity, and expectation of return are all aspects of the “negative”, receiving pole of being. To the extent that one of us wants a particular result from our use of power, wants to gain something for oneself out of a magickal act, to precisely that extent one is separated from the achievement of the ultimate positive spiritual state.