The Journal of The Least Mysteries

From the publishers of Caduceus - Call for submissions

Ancient and hallowed occult tradition divides the esoteric traditions of the West into Greater and Lesser Mysteries — the Greater consisting, naturally, of one’s own inner teachings, and the Lesser of everything available from the competition. In the spirit of the present age, when the word “Tradition” means any trademarked system more than fifteen minutes old, a new level of mysteries needs to be added to the Greater and Lesser — the Least Mysteries, the Secrets of Esoteric Silliness.

Now you, too, can thrill to the hidden lore of the mystic hairstyles of the Fraternity of the Inner Light — can dare to master the forbidden Banishing Ritual of the Telegram — can learn the secrets of the Way of the Poser, the most popular of all modern esoteric paths — and much, much more!

At least, you can if you write this stuff in the first place. Won’t you help us poke fun at one of the world’s most pompous spiritual traditions?

We welcome articles, rituals, book reviews (the books involved need not exist), and anything else that strikes your fancy. If we like it, it runs. If not, we send it back — if you give us the envelope and the postage, that is. What could be more fair?

The Journal of the Least Mysteries, Vol. 1, will be issued by Cinnabar Press in late 1995, if enough material turns up in our mailbox by then. Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, on white paper, in visible ink, in some simulacrum of English, and should be sent to:

Cinnabar, [old address redacted]

Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your submission. Due to a lack of Federal grants in the esoteric field, payment for accepted submissions will be subscriptions only — that is, you get a copy of Vol. 1, and if there’s enough interest and material to bring out a second volume you get that too.

“Highly recommended. Its pages make first-rate birdcage liners and decent wrappers for small fish.”

— The Ballard Times Review of Books

“Evil, loathsome, Satanic filth. No wonder there are still Democrats in this country.”

— The Tuscahoola (OK) Weekly Bonfire

“Do you take posthumous submissions?”

— Aleister Crowley

“If I speak in a personal capacity, without reference to the arcana held under proper reserve in the instituted Mysteries, and look upon the Journal’s writings broadly — that is to say, as manifestations, in a attitudinarian sense, communicating some fraction of the primordial expression of the peculiar genius of that outflowing of the Secret Tradition wherewith some portion of my own efforts have been concerned — for such they are, in terms of the emanationistic transcendentalism inhering (or perhaps co-inhering) in this manner of anagogic magnum opus — oh, damn, what was I saying?”

— Arthur Edward Waite

“A source of occult knowledge quite as accurate and unbiased as my own books on the subject.”

— Christina Stoddart


— Adam Weishaupt

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