From the Editors

From the Editors —

Welcome to our second isue of Caduceus: The Hermetic Quarterly. For those of you who have only recently hear of us and subscribed, we are glad you have decided to join us. We have been fortunate enough to receive a lot of response from people who have been active in Hermeticism for far longer than ourselves. The free press has been wonderful and we are most thankful for it.

This issue we have the second half of our introduction to the Art of Memory. We are also able to present a previously unpublished lecture from the Golden Dawn. We were quite excited to receive this piece and we hope you will find it as interseting as we did. last issue we promised to begin running a series of comentaries on the plates of the Mutus Liber by Magophon which have been translated by Kjell Hellesøe. Between last issue and this one, we received some additional material relating to the Mutus Liber and rather than run them in separate issues, we have decided to run them together in the next issue. Our apologies to any who were expecting it in this issue.

As always, we welcome submissions freely through postal mail as well as electronic mail. We are currently working on putting a site on the World Wide Web for Caduceus with information relating to Hermeticism and related topics. We will let you all know once this site is available to the public.


Albert Billings and John Michael Greer

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