From the Editors —

Well, we finally made it!! This issue marks the end of our first year of publication. We apologize for the delays in this issue caused by the holiday season. Those of us here at Caduceus are happy to see this moment and it is not something that we necessarily though would happen. Caduceus has gone a long way from being an idea the two of us had one day when discussing the lack of a purely Hermetic magazine in the last few years. The response from individuals around the world and on the Internet has overwhelmed us at times and we are thankful for the help and advice that has been given to us by all.

For those of us who don't subscribe to it, Gnosis, an excellent journal on spirituality, listed us and gave us a favorable review in their last issue. Since both of us are long-time fans and readers of Gnosis, we are quite pleased with this. We do want to remind subscribers who haven't been with us since the beginning of Caduceus that back issues of our magazine are available. They are U.S. $4.50 each, including postage, in North America, and $6.25 for our subscribers elsewhere. We do encourage those of you who are new to us to send away for these and have a complete set. This is not a one-time offer and we plan on always having all of our back issues available to those interested in purchasing them.

Last issue, there were a couple of errors in Rawn Clark's article on the Mutus Liber. Through no fault of his own, mistakes were made when we entered some of the Hebrew into the text of the article. Sometimes translating between various computers can introduce errors and we offer our apologies for any confusion caused by this.

This issue, we are proud to have an interview with Jean Dubuis, the founder of The Philosophers of Nature. This is one of the few active and public groups doing serious work with traditional Alchemy. They can be contacted on the Internet at [old email redacted]. They also have a web page on the World Wide Web that details their work at They can also be contacted through traditional mail at: The Philosophers of Nature, [old address redacted].

As always, we look forward to any letters from our readers and we are always interested in seeing articles from anyone who wishes to submit something to us.

Albert Billings and John Michael Greer

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