The Rousing of the Citadels of the Ordo Lux Kethri

The Rousing of the Citadels of the Ordo Lux Kethri

by Rawn Clark (Fra. A.L.M.)

The Rousing of the Citadels (RC) is a practical technique used within the Ordo Lux Kethri1. It was born out of the Golden Dawn’s “Middle Pillar Exercise”2 and has since evolved to a point where it diverges greatly from it and is now considerably more complex.

Its first use within the O.L.K. was as an induction to a series of guided path and sphere workings3. The RC form was very simple and, like the “Middle Pillar Exercise”, employed the sephiroth and paths of the Middle Pillar only. It differed however, in that its focus was Daath and the enveloping of one’s being in the Lavender Aethyr-Light for purposes of skrying.

The RC practice expanded as experience indicated and now incorporates all the sephiroth and paths. Within the O.L.K., it has come to replace the “Middle Pillar Exercise” and “Qabbalistic Cross”4 entirely. RC is an integral part of nearly every aspect of current O.L.K. technique.

To best understand the RC practice, we must begin with some of the basic assumptions, or philosophy, which form its foundations.

The symbol structure employed is traditional, non-christianized, Qabbalah5. These symbols consist of several levels: anthropomorphic deity-forms and beings; color; sound; ideas or thought-forms; and most importantly, the emotional responses that these images evoke within the Qabbalist. The RC focuses these energies within the bodies (mental, astral and physical) of the practitioner and integrates them through the medium of these very same emotional responses.

Following the philosophy of “as above, so below; as below, so above” (of the Macrocosm’s reflection within the microcosm, etc.), these energies within the practitioner’s microcosm resonate with those of the Macrocosm, allowing genuine contact and interaction between the two. These experiences of contact and the relationships they engender, cause the experience to continually deepen with practice.

It is through genuine experiences with the intelligences contacted by these powerful symbols that their energies are fully integrated into the practitioner’s bodies, eventually becoming readily accessible faculties and powers. Furthermore, the practice of RC itself, employs and thereby strengthens, all of the subtle senses.

(A1) Stand erect, lay down, or sit comfortably. Relax, ground, center and begin rhythmic breathing.

At the arches of your feet, visualize a sphere of Olive light. Associate with it all of your knowledge and experience of Malkuth. Bring forth all of your related memories and the emotions they engender.

Inhale deeply and then, with your exhale, vibrate6 the God-Name “ADONAI MELEKH TA’AUS”. Visualize the vibrated Name rushing out to the “edges” of the Infinite Universe, echoing back to you in a wash of energy that sparks your Olive Malkuth sphere to vibrant Life. You now stand firmly grounded upon Malkuth.

With your inhale, pull energy up from your Malkuth to your groin, your Yesod center, and envision there a brilliant sphere of Violet-Indigo light. Empower it with your memories and then vibrate the Name “SHADDAI EL CHAI”. Let its echo bring your Yesod to Life.

(B1) Extend the path “Tav” from Yesod down to Malkuth and bring forth all the memories of your experiences traveling this path. Give it its color of Indigo and vibrate the name “GETHAEL”. Briefly send the vibration of the Archangel’s name down, and then back up, the path, enlivening it. Feel your experiences traveling this path integrating themselves within you, becoming faculties and powers at your disposal.

(A2) Inhale energy up from your Yesod to your right-hip and form your Hod with a brilliant sphere of Orange light and the vibration of “ELOHIM TZABAOTH

(B2) Extend the path “Shin” down to Malkuth, color it Red, and vibrate “AESHIEL”.

Extend the path “Resh” down to Yesod, color it Yellow, and vibrate “ROBAEL”.

(A3) Inhale energy from your Hod over to your left-hip and form your Netzach with a sphere of luscious Emerald-Green and the vibration of “YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH TZABAOTH”.

(B3) Extend the path “Qooph” down to Malkuth, color it Magenta, and vibrate “EMONITZIEL”.

Extend the path “Tzaddi” down to Yesod, color it Purple, and vibrate “CAMBRIEL”.

Extend the path “Peh” over to Hod, color it Red, and vibrate “MEPHAEL”.

(A4) Inhale energy up from your Netzach to your heart center and form your Tiphareth with a sphere of radiant Yellow-Gold and the vibration of “AGLA”.

(B4) Extend the path “Ayin” down to Hod, color it Violet, and vibrate “HANAEL”.

Extend the path “Samekh” down to Yesod, color it Blue, and vibrate “EDONIEL”.

Extend the path “Nun” down to Netzach, color it Blue-Green, and vibrate “BRINIEL”.

(A5) Inhale energy up from your Tiphareth to your right-shoulder and form your Geburah with a sphere of flaming Red and the vibration of “ELOHIM GIBOR”.

(B5) Extend the path “Mem” down to Hod, color it Ultramarine-Blue, and vibrate “MIEL”.

Extend the path “Lamed” down to Tiphareth, color it Green, and vibrate “ZURIEL”.

(C1) Extend the “Hidden” path7 down to Malkuth, empowering it as your experience dictates.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Yesod.

(A6) Inhale energy from your Geburah over to your left-shoulder and form your Gedulah with a soothing, brilliant Blue sphere and the vibration of “EL”.

(B6) Extend the path “Kaph” down to Netzach, color it Blue, and vibrate “LOCAEL”.

Extend the path “Yod” down to Tiphareth, color it Yellow-Green, and vibrate “HAMALIEL”.

Extend the path “Teth” over to Geburah, color it Yellow, and vibrate “URNIEL”.

(C2) Extend the “Hidden” path down to Malkuth.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Yesod.

(A7) Inhale energy up from your Gedulah to your throat and form your Daath with a subtle sphere of Lavender Aethyr-Light and the vibration of “ELOAH”.

(D1) Cause this Aethyr-Light to pulse outward from your Daath, descending upon the spheres and paths below like gentle snow-fall which melts, permeates and nourishes all that it touches.

(A8) Inhale energy up from your Daath to your right-temple and form your Binah with a sphere of living Obsidian Blackness and the vibration of “YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH ELOHIM”.

(B7) Extend the path “Cheth” down to Geburah, color it Orange-Yellow, and vibrate “MORIEL”.

Extend the path “Zayin” down to Tiphareth, color it Orange, and vibrate “AMBRIEL”.

(C3) Extend the “Hidden” path down to Malkuth.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Yesod.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Netzach.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Gedulah.

(A9) Inhale energy from your Binah over to your left-temple and form your Chokmah with a sphere of luminous Pale-Gray light, and the vibration of “IAH”.

(B8) Extend the path “Vav” down to Gedulah, color it Red-Orange, and vibrate “ASMODEL”.

Extend the path “Heh” down to Tiphareth, color it Red, and vibrate “MALAKIDAEL”.

Extend the path “Daleth” over to Binah, color it Green, and vibrate “AODAEL”.

(C4) Extend the “Hidden” path down to Malkuth.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Yesod.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Hod.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Geburah.

(A10) Inhale energy up from your Chokmah to your crown and form your Kether with a blinding sphere of other-worldly White Brilliance, and the vibration of “EHEIEH”.

(B9) Extend the path “Gimel” down to Tiphareth, color it Violet, and vibrate “ZENAEL”.

Extend the path “Beth” down to Binah, color it Orange, and vibrate “TIRIEL”.

Extend the path “Aleph” down to Chokmah, color it Lemon-Yellow, and vibrate “RUACHIEL”.

(C5) Extend the “Hidden” path down to Hod.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Netzach.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Geburah.

Extend the “Hidden” path down to Gedulah.

(A11) Bask in the illumination of the spheres for a moment, sensing each one in its fullness.

(B10) Sense each path that you have empowered, seeing and feeling how they connect the sephiroth.

(A12) Now bring down the Kethric Light, letting it flow into and bless each successive sphere.

(B11) Let the Kethric Light flow into and fill each path, illuminating them and blessing them.

(D2) Filled with the Kethric Light, cause it to erupt upwards out of Malkuth as a cloud of White Brilliance. Circulate this cloud of Light-Energy clockwise around you, spiraling up to Kether where it re-enters your body, flowing back down, via sephiroth and paths, to Malkuth. Keep the energy cycling in this manner.

When you are through, gently release this energy.

(B12) When you are ready, gently release the visualizations of the paths, starting with Aleph and ending with Tav.

(A13) When you are ready, gently release the visualizations of the spheres, starting with Kether and ending with Malkuth.

Resume full bodily awareness and ground any extraneous energy.

There are four levels of practice indicated in the complete text of the RC:

Level (A): This is the basic practice, the core of RC. It works solely with the spheres and their energies. It serves as the point of beginning and introduces one to the more advanced techniques of the following.

Level (B): Here the 22 common paths are introduced. Each is integrated in its turn and the structure of the Tree takes form.

Level (C): The “Hidden” paths are integrated at this level.

Level (D): Energy manipulation is employed.

One can approach the practice from two basic directions. The RC’s pure form requires that the practitioner begins with skrying and experiencing the sephiroth (sphere working), and then moves to the practice of Level (A). The practitioner commences path working (from Tau to Aleph in sequential order) and as each path is experienced, it is then integrated into the RC practice at Level (B). As the practitioner progresses through the levels of initiation beyond Adept Minor, the “Hidden” paths are then integrated through the Level (C) practice. At every Level, the practitioner employs the energy manipulation of Level (D).

The RC’s secondary form does not require preliminary experience with the paths (but still does of the sephiroth) prior to integrating them in the practice. So, in the secondary form, once one is comfortable with Level (A), Level (B) is initiated and all the paths are extended, regardless of one’s level of experience with them. This practice subtly introduces the energies of the various paths to the practitioner, allowing easier access to them once they are seriously approached. To be truly effective, this secondary form of practice requires a concurrent commitment to pursuing path working. Without it, the benefit will be minimal, because the whole point of the RC is to integrate experiences into the subtle, and not-so-subtle bodies, resulting in actual faculties and powers.

Practicing the pure form in conjunction with the secondary form, is recommended. Both produce different and complimentary results.

As mentioned, the primary focus of the RC is the integration of the energies of the Tree of Life into the bodies of the practitioner. The RC can accomplish this very clearly and powerfully on the mental and astral levels. On the physical level, the RC reaches down in its effectiveness only to the density of perceivable energy. It can, however, lead to the attainment of certain levels of consciousness whereby more concrete physical manifestations are made possible (such as the assumption of a god/dess-form).

The RC practice can also be utilized for several auxiliary purposes. The list of the ways the RC has been used in the O.L.K. is quite long, so here follow just a few examples.


The O.L.K.’s version of the Hexagram “Ritual” (actually it’s used primarily as a form of circle casting for rituals involving sphere and/or path working) involves an oration during which the magician ignites the sephiroth within her/his bodies. The RC is always performed prior to a Hexagram casting. This has the effect of deepening the experience and the reality of the casting, as well as assuring that the Highest possible influences are brought into play at the outset.

Further, the energy manipulation of Level (D) can be altered to highlight the path or sphere the magician is to work during the ritual. This is accomplished by causing the dynamic energy of the Kethric Light to come to rest in one’s body in the chosen sphere or path. The energy is then held in place until the end of the ritual, when it is finally released.

The RC can also be used to travel quickly from one level to another within a complex, multi-sphere/path ritual.


The RC is employed in a similar manner in an evocation of a planetary or sephirotic being. It brings the benefit of its focused invocation of the Kethric Light, setting the stage for a positive experience, one based upon honesty, respect and clarity.

The RC is less valuable in the evocation of the beings of the elements.


In the O.L.K., traditional sphere and path working has been replaced by what the Order terms “The 231 Gates of Initiation”. This system sees the sephiroth as the levels of initiation, while the 38 paths of the “Complete” array8 along with their regular geometries of triangles, quadrangles, pentangles, and hexangles, constitute the Gates of initiation.

Within this context, path and sphere working techniques are employed in a clearly defined sequence corresponding to one’s level of initiation. Practice of the RC in its pure form, is an integral part of this process.

As an induction to general path and sphere working, the RC is performed in its secondary form, with all the sephiroth and paths, and the energy is used to highlight the chosen path/sphere. The symbolic doorway is then established and skryed.


The O.L.K. sees this as the highest form of magic. It’s approach is based upon the work of Franz Bardon9, so it stresses a connection with a god/dess-form that far surpasses mere assumption of a symbolic image. RC has proved very valuable in the early stages of the long assumption process. It allows quick access to any chosen level, but more importantly, it incorporates the energies of the chosen god/dess-form’s level into one’s bodies. This encourages and quickens the journey to the aspirant’s genuine merging with a god/dess-form.


The RC can generate great amounts of energy and therefore, serves well as an induction to works involving the direct projection of energy.


Many of the initiation rites of the O.L.K. involve a projection of energy, directed by the initiator, into the candidate’s bodies . In the First Degree Rite of Initiation, for example, the initiator performs the RC, while at the same time igniting the spheres and paths within the candidate’s bodies through a projection of energy.

In the absence of a teacher, the RC, when combined with the “231 Gates” and its implied path and sphere workings, can serve as a system of self-initiation.

1 The Order of the Kethric Light, founded in 1982, is an Hermetic-Qabbalistic initiatory Order.

2 See Regardie, Israel, The Golden Dawn (St. Paul: Llewellyn Pub., 1986), pp. 88-90.

3 Based upon the technique of mental travel called SKRYING, path and sphere working entail the creation of a symbolic doorway, mentally passing through it, and experiencing what awaits on its other side. In path working, the doorway is constructed with symbols of the various paths, while in sphere working, the symbols are those of the sephiroth.

4 See Regardie’s Golden Dawn, p. 53.


Aleph 1-2 Lemon-Yellow RUACHIEL
Beth 1-3 Orange TIRIEL
Gimel 1-6 Violet ZENAEL
Daleth 2-3 Green AODAEL
Vav 2-4 Red-Orange ASMODEL
Zayin 3-6 Orange AMBRIEL
Cheth 3-5 Orange-Yellow MORIEL
Teth 4-5 Yellow URNIEL
Yod 4-6 Yellow-Green HAMALIEL
Kaph 4-7 Blue LOCAEL
Lamed 5-6 Green ZURIEL
Mem 5-8 Ultramarine-Blue MIEL
Nun 6-7 Blue-Green BRINIEL
Samekh 6-9 Blue EDONIEL
Ayin 6-8 Violet HANAEL
Peh 7-8 Red MEPHAEL
Tzaddi 7-9 Purple CAMBRIEL
Qooph 7-10 Magenta EMONITZIEL
Resh 8-9 Yellow ROBAEL
Shin 8-10 Red AESHIEL
Tau 9-10 Indigo GETHAEL
1 Kether “Crown” White-Brilliance EHEIEH
2 Chokmah “Wisdom” Pale-Gray IAH
3 Binah ”Understanding” Obsidian Blackness YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH ELOHIM
0 Daath “Knowledge” Lavender Aethyr-Light ELOAH
4 Gedulah “Mercy” Blue EL
5 Geburah “Severity” Red ELOHIM GIBOR
6 Tiphareth “Beauty” Yellow-Gold AGLA
(Notariquon for: “Ateh Gibor Le’Olam Adonai” or “Aieth Gedul Le’Olam Adonai”)
7 Netzach “Victory” Emerald-Green YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH TZABAOTH
8 Hod “Splendor” Orange ELOHIM TZABAOTH
9 Yesod “Foundation” Violet-Indigo SHADDAI EL CHAI
10 Malkuth “Kingdom” Olive ADONAI MELEKH TA'AUS

6 Vibration of Names: In its most basic form, this means to speak a Name mentally, astrally and physically, simultaneously. Physically, the Name is spoken with force and resonance. It is vibrated not only by the vocal chords, but by the whole body, and projected forth.. Attached to this energy/vibration is the astral utterance. This is accomplished by visualizing a symbolic image of the Name, one that has significant personal meaning and is based upon the emotions engendered by experience with the Name’s subject. In this way, the Name is “vibrated from the heart”. Finally, the mental utterance is joined through the establishment of all the thought-forms and ideas associated with the Name. This combined triple vibration is then projected outwards to the symbolic “edges” of the Infinite Universe. On its journey, this vibration connects with the Intelligence named, and like a ripple in a pond, it echoes back upon its source, bringing the Intelligence with it. This is the simplest form of evocation and serves to call a being’s influence and vibration quickly.

7 “Hidden” Paths (HP): Also known as the “Secret” paths, these are the 16 un-shown paths possible in the “Common” array. These 16 paths are additional to the 22 common paths defined by the Hebrew aleph-beth. The reason the HP’s are considered “hidden”, is that they require a level of cumulative experience to “find”. Each aspirant must define them, individually and uniquely, through their own personal experience. For instance, when one has acquired the level of experience and self-change to truly reach Geburah, then and only then, does the HP to Malkuth reveal itself. The traveler must then present the appropriate key of experience and self-knowledge to open its meaning. Experiencing the HP’s brings the integration of a new perspective of the different levels of the Self symbolized by the sephiroth and improved relations between those levels.

8 The “Complete” Array:

9 See Bardon, Franz, Initiation Into Hermetics (Wuppertal, West Germany: Dieter Ruggeberg, 1971), pp. 232-3 and 259-64.

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