From the Editors

It has been an interesting year so far for both of us here. The Billings family was graced with a new addition at the end of March in the form of a little baby girl: Madeline Sophia Billings. Al has entered into the adventure of fatherhood, ready or not. On the publishing front, things have gone well for John Michael. As a number of you may have noticed, Gnosis magazine printed his article on Hermetic swordsmanship in the summer issue of that fine journal. This is a big milestone for John Michael and he is already working on additional articles for publication. We would also like to announce that John Michael’s first book, Paths of Wisdom, is available from Llewellyn at this time. This book details the spheres and paths of the Tree of Life and how they may be used in following the Great Work. A second book is going through the publication process and should be available in the next year. It is called Circles of Power and it will be a detailed explanatory text on Hermetic magic.

In this issue, we have the first part of a practical work on using geomancy. John Michael has gone through quite a bit of the older source material on this and has worked out a practical system for using geomancy. We’ll be printing the first part in this issue with the second and final part in the next issue. We also have an article by John Eberly on the possible Arabian origins of portions of the Rosicrucian tradition that we believe will be of interest to our readers. In our next issue, we plan on presenting a number of articles dealing with material from the Golden Dawn presented in a new light.

As always, we look forward to hearing from our readers and in receiving any articles that you may wish to send to us for consideration. If you choose to do this and wish to submit a copy on disk, please send the articles in ASCII text format in addition to Microsoft Word or Rich-Text Format. A hard copy of the article should always accompany any electronic versions. Material can also be sent to us via electronic mail at our new e-mail address at [old email redacted]. Our web pages on the Internet have also moved to new quarters at [old URL redacted] and we will be offering a sample of articles from back issues as well as articles and texts relating to Hermeticism.

Albert Billings and John Michael Greer

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