From the Editors

Spring is here, and with it another issue of Caduceus, marking the beginning of our third year of publication. We had hoped to have this issue out early as an apology of sorts for previous lateness, but things didn’t work out that way; articles we expected were delayed or didn’t appear at all, and so once again we are running a little late. Thank you for your patience!

In this issue we present a substantial article by Mark Stavish on the pathologies of esoteric work. Longtime subscribers will remember Mark’s interview with French alchemist Jean Dubuis in our Winter 1995 issue. We also have a piece by another of our regular contributors, John Eberly, expiring the place of the homunculis in alchemical tradition, and a review article by Norman Weinstein, alone with the usual flurry of book reviews.

One thing we hoped to have for this issue was the second part of Carl Hood Jr.’s article on the Golden Dawn’s Vault of the Adreps. This has been delayed, but we expect to have it in time for the next issue. Readers who are interested in this subject may find some solace in the current issue of Gnosis Magazine, where an article coauthored by Carl and Caduceus co-editor John Michael Greer explores the murky topic of sexual mysticism in the Golden Dawn. (Those who are studying the Golden Dawn tradition more generally may be interested to know that John Michael’s second book — Circles of Power: Ritual Magic in the Western Tradition — is due out from Llewellyn Publications in the next month or so.)

In the meantime, we encourage submissions of articles and book reviews on any topic related to the Hermetic tradition, and we hope you enjoy the issue!

Albert Billings and John Michael Greer

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