About Colin Campbell

How did you first become interested in magick?

Art class. It was Albrech Durer’s ‘Melancholia I’ that got me interested in the first place. It features the magick square of Jupiter, though inverted. It was all downhill from there.

How long have you been studying magick?

About twenty years. I began when I was in high school, per the above. In fact, I distinctly recall giving a report for which I created a magick square of Saturn out of lead. Yes, I expect they thought I was a bit odd, though I don't expect that particular incident was the tipping point either way.

Are you a member of any magical groups or orders?

Yes. I am currently a member of the O.T.O. I have been involved in other groups in the past in both the Golden Dawn and Thelemic traditions.

Are you a Thelemite?

The short answer is, “Yes.” The long answer is that I am first and foremost a “Colinite,” and that particularly unique set of beliefs just so happens to align with the tenets of Thelema with remarkable accuracy and affinity. I believe that each person should seek out the nature of his or her being and in so doing formulate his or her own belief system. It is only natural that this system will with little exception echo the nature of their Age.

Is that (Thelema) your religion?

I am an avowed atheist, or better put, “auto-theist.” Per the philosophical affinities with Thelema, the general idea is the same. I find that, like the ego, the religious impulse can be harnessed and controlled to remarkable affect.

What are your principle areas of study?

I enjoy almost anything related to the tradition of Ceremonial Magick as it has evolved through the grimoire tradition through the Golden Dawn, Crowley, and even into the foundational tenets of Chaos Magick. As more and more material becomes available, I am primarily interested in furthering these traditions into the modern era.

You mention magick is akin to psychology. Have you studied psychology?

I do have an interest in Jungian psychology, but have not studied it in an academic setting. I am, for lack of a better term, a hack, but at least I'll admit it. I am familiar with his work in as much as it intersects my other interests.

I am also interested in the concept of belief in general.

I wanted to know your shoe size. How do I find that out?

You can ask me at campbell@hermetic.com.

Incidentally, I wear a 9 1/2 (US).

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