Rebellion is the course of the Strong and the Worthy.

To become God necessitates the rejection of God.

The principle weapon against this God is heresy, that potent and terrible adversary of religious and spiritual oppression of every kind.

Have you a God? Curse Him - or Her - and see what reprisal may come of it!

This is the first and most vital step in the Liberation of Self and ascension to that very Throne which you must now attempt to overthrow. Thou shalt have gold and to spare to cast thyself a new one.

Curse every God in the Heavens and every Devil in Hell that you may be free of them. Devise new and increasingly offensive epithets to shock your consciousness from its proclivity to servitude.

(Do this, however, only for yourself, for to curse another's God shall only do you harm. Your hatred of that God shall make it all the more Terrible. Not only do you dwell upon that which is not yours to conquer, but you will almost without failing cause this other to cling to his or her God ever more tightly. Thus, you do them a great disservice. Their God is theirs to slay, and none other's.)

If your God is a God of Vengeance and you experience reprisal, or the perception of reprisal, be diligent! Have courage! Curse your God all the stronger, for in time your God shall bend and break.

Yet there is a danger herein, for this is but a beginning. Once the God has been destroyed, you must let go even of this. For this distaste may grow into hatred, and hatred to obsession, for an altar of blasphemy is still an altar at which you kneel.

The End is to cast the God back into the Abyss, back into the Void.

Then shall the God serve you.

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