Serpent God

As soon as the stroke that destroys the God has ceased its motion,
Its edge buried and fixed in the Earth in which He fell,
Then doth the Serpent-God arise.
He hath all the power of the God before,
But heeds no restriction and bears no recourse.
He is potent, and his venom may create new worlds at will
But also may he destroy.
For the Serpent-God is a thoughtless master.
He delivereth, but unto what end? Turn upon him! Smite!
You are the Master now, and he your willing servant.
Together you shall encourage each other to greater restraint - release - ecstasy!
Then shall the Serpent become a Lion and the roar of the Serpent-Lion-God your liberation!
The shells shall fall before thee in the hour of thy becoming.
Yea, they shall tremble and fall before thee!
For you are the Serpent-Lion-God-in-Man.
You have harnessed the Demiurge unto thy Will.
And you and the Demiurge are One.

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