I began the Concordance as a personal project for my own Kabbalistic investigations into the Holy Books of Thelema, naturally starting with The Book of the Law, for which a number of concordances had been derived already. I, like many others, find the obscure puzzles and inter-connections within The Book of the Law fascinating, nevermind its pronouncement of a new era for humanity based on personal liberty and accountability (or so I so choose to interpret).

It was for the Kabbalistic examination of the individual texts themselves that the Concordance was designed, which has led to its principal complaint: each book is treated in isolation, and not in conjunction with the full corpus of Class A documents. This was a conscious decision, for better or worse, to allow a more focused investigation of the individual texts at the expense of having to collate references across multiple - an entirely valid (if not more common!) pattern of use, but more attuned to scholarship referencing the works rather than the works themselves.

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Published by Teitan Press, 2008.
Available at Weiser Antiquarian.

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