Do You Believe In Magick

Dear Friend:

Si Vales, Valeo

Holy Cow that is a great question. Thanks! You want to know some of the things we must assume in order of magick to work without superstition? I imagine you are getting tired of being shown Magick in Theory and Practice introduction to Magick. Speaking for myself, I feel as though the following is a logical and practical approach to one’s magical paradigm. Magick has already been widely defined by Crowley, so let's just stick to the basics and keeping his ideas in mind, let's make some postulates.

1. Magick may be initiated by the works of one individual or as collective of several participants.

2. Magick can be caused by the involvement of some undetected internal or external entity called upon by an individual or group of individuals.

3. Whether the process is internal or external is of little consequence. ESPECIALLY if it produces results.

4. A person or group of persons can cause magick using inanimate objects or space previously charged with energy. (Magical implements, Talismans, etc.)

5. Whether those implements are “charged” in some way by an external or internal source, or if they are crutches (internal) is of little consequence. Especially if they yield results.

6. Inanimate objects or space are used by magical means to either hold energy until such a time that it can be released for a specific result or prevent undesirable energy from intruding.

7. Other planes of consciousness exist. (Either internal or external)

8. The likelihood of an experience occurring depends upon the event's likelihood.

9. Probabilities can be changed to either manifest or prevent an experience.

10. Nature establishes probability.

11. To change probability one must become an agent of nature. (i.e. you cannot force something impossible in nature)

That is just a beginning. Can you think of any other prerequisites? Most people never make it past jumping into their robes. Be care of “magical schools” run and operated by leaders that don't believe in magick. It would be like getting cancer treatment from a doctor that didn't believe there was a cure.

Pax Profunda