Dear Friend:

Si Vales, Valeo

Please do not confuse dualism with dualistic thinking you see used in the world today.

When you see people indulging in dualistic thinking, what you are seeing is an attempt to arrive at an idea that verifies some position. What you are likely to see from the uneducated masses is the idea of that there is a right and wrong way to exist, and that people and things should be categorized by certain standards regarding purity and poisonous thinking. You are likely seeing a lot of that today. Especially in American politics. Dualistic thinking is what divides this country to the point of being ineffective to accomplish anything of value.

Dualistic thinking is in many ways inescapable. We all have our ideas of good and evil, but if you want to do right by this incarnation, your mark for those purely subjective ideas will be constantly shifting as you improve your ability to think logically and critically.

This is when the philosophy of dualism can come to your rescue. I consider it more of a method than a philosophy, but I see little benefit from arguing the point, which is to use it.

When you invoke “truth” you also invoke “falsehood.” I understand your position clearly. One thing must be measured against its opposite. You can't have one without the other. Don't be mad at me, I just work here. I don't make up the rules. Peace requires war. Love requires hate, etc…

Dualism, on the other hand, will help you achieve a closer proximal idea of what and where the truth is hiding. It is the reconciliation of two opposing principles. I am disappointed by how many magicians are simply incapable of doing this, and it is such an important part in building the foundation for solid magical work that without it, one risks inadvertently invoking Chorozon.

One of the greatest illusions we must use Dualism to dispel is the idea that we can enjoy a spiritual world without the physical one. There can be no spiritual without the physical. Other religions, such as Christianity, have not solved the problem of duality or duaslistic thinking. They have made it worse. They create a potential existence for humanity that is both necessary and cruel. THIS, my friend, is the Garden. The Holy City. The place upon where Nuit's soft little feet meet with the little flowers and rejoice upon her being. You just need eyes to see, and the practice of reconciling opposites can be your magical glasses.

Dualism will help you change seeming contradiction into harmony and polarity, which are a much healthier way of looking at the world. According to Descartes there is Certainty and Truth. Those things together equal Gnosis. Gnosis is what you want.

If you need a symbol or visual for what the marriage of opposites looks like, look no further than Baphomet. In a nutshell: We know that in order for one thing to exist it's opposite must also exist. That is duality. This makes the Magician's job clear: We are to unite conflicting opposite ideas until they give birth to a third, which will, like a child, contain the attributes of both of its parents, and yet remain in itself pure, independent from either one. And then that idea will need to be reconciled with its opposite. Rinse repeat and rinse again. It is a life's work. Once an idea has been transcended, it will also have an opposite which will require reconciliation, until finally, you can pierce the veil. So, sit back, have a good cup of coffee and read Thunder Perfect Mind. And thank you for your kind question.

Pax Profunda