Does “The Law is For All” Mean EVERYONE Can Attain Godhood?

The Law is for All.

Si Vales, Valeo

Yes and no.

The “No-Thing” of the Qabalists is something very few will EVER attain. Even the dedicated ones who give their life to the Work. That No-Thing is a state (an opportunity) in which an empty mind (no ego, or sense of “self”) can become filled with something much greater.

It’s called The Great Work cause it is hard.

I think each Star is capable of some degree of success depending on various factors having to do with the consequences of ones incarnation and True Will. Having said that, EVERYONE can obtain Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel. And that is a matter of honesty, dedication and devotion. But the most difficult thing for a person to do is to be honest with is ones self. That is a huge egotistical obstacle that few have the fortitude (or interest) of overcoming.

The concept of Will as I understand it, is Taoist. A magician can’t control nature. Not even his or her own. In spite of all of the magical glory in the books that exist and claim to the contrary, man cannot effect the course of NATURE without exposing himself to the consequences of his actions. A magician CAN, however, through the use of his craft, come to understand what his or her place is in the cosmos and accomplish great things by ADAPTING better than those who do not practice magick. To the rest of the people, their actions appear to be as if they were magick.

IAO: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

The Law is for All.

Pax Profunda