Intellectual Honesty & The Few and The Secret

Who are the few and the secret? What does it mean to be chosen? How can you tell if you are?

Dear Frater:

Si Vales, Valeo

Thank you for your question. It is the million dollar one. Every Thelemite believes that they are the elite, if only “the man” wasn’t “holding them down.” My response might lead you to believe I am being overly critical. I am. I think we should be. We are supposed to be the best of the best. If you find any of this insulting, please rest assured that I am speaking in very general terms.

Until the so-called alt-right began to infiltrate Thelema with its vomitous rhetoric, most Thelemites showed a remarkable apathy toward politics. Until ones beliefs are hijacked, it seems very easy to imply that Thelema is a spiritual or philosophical idea that doesn’t concern itself with political matters. Those of us that see Thelema as a life-changing current, of course, disagree. In other words, outside of the accomplishments of the likes of Jack Parsons, for the last 100 years Thelema adherents have been little more than talk, no action. Like soldiers that play but won’t fight. This phenomenon also reinforces my opinion that being able to recite Liber AL from memory, or knowing who Crowley was, has nothing to do with being a Thelemite. Action is what defines a person. Always has, always will.

Some things about being a Thelemite are not negotiable, according to my reading of Liber AL. Anyone applying discrimination while reading will surely discover some things in the Book that clearly define what is a Thelemite and what is not. This is a very unpopular opinion, I might add and really upsets those individuals who indulge in various creative manipulations or interpretations to bolster any point.

If there is some passage in Liber AL that says Thelemites should remain passive while we lose the very things that are supposed to be sacred to us, such as freedom, then I’d like to hear it. But instead of responding to attacks on our very freedom, many Thelemites would rather debate the meaning of freedom and liberty, desperately hoping to find a loophole to justify inaction.

One can choose to sit around passively and let others take their liberties until one is unable to do their will. But there is no one to blame but them. What is most predictable about pseudo-Thelemites, is that at some point they will engage in creative thinking to imply their oppression as a part of their “true will.” Some have gotten pretty good at pretending that they are happy that way. And indeed, they might be. If you give the man the whip for long enough, he begins to love the whip. The slaves shall serve, after all.

I don’t see that sort of behavior as being worthy of Thelema. There is an obvious disconnect between what people profess to believe and what they do. It isn’t exclusively a Thelemic phenomenon. I recognize it in every other religion/philosophy/ethos. It’s just not as pathetic in those as it is in ours. We have the audacity to claim we are gods and freedom fighters as we justify our own inactivity.

Thelemites are sworn to fight for freedom. But the fact is most don’t even vote. When it comes down to it, most (notice I didn’t say all) can’t be bothered by current events until it affects them on some personal level. Then of course, it is too late to do anything about it and there is no one around that can be bothered to help.

And yet, all over the world, regular people are behaving more like Thelemites should according to my reading of Liber AL. We aren’t supposed to tolerate oppression in any form, and yet most pretend they are freedom fighters whilst sitting on their collective asses at Lodge consuming copious quantities of stinky cheese and cheap wine. No doubt, this must also be a part of their “true will.”

In short, all of that “there is no god but man” and “this is the Law of the strong” gorilla chest-thumping that is displayed like peacocks in front of some potential mate is mostly nothing but hot air.

So, who are the few and secret?

Pax Profunda