Magick – Is That All There Is?

Newbie would like to know why he should do magick if everything is magical

Si Vales, Valeo

Thank you for your thoughtful email.

You have read the introduction to Magick In Theory and Practice and you ask: “Is that all there is to magick?”

First, whoa there. Yes, in so many words you are correct. I have often said (and written) that “magick” painted with such a wide brush as Crowley did could mean that successfully wiping ones nose is an act of magick. But let’s try to look beyond the obvious. Magick isn’t about the things we already know how to do, but the things we are discovering. It is a method.

Everything must exist as a thought-form before it can ever exist in real life. Remember the original Star Trek? Those cool looking communicators? How long after that before Motorola developed the equally cool (although now, out-fashioned) flip phone? Remember Dr. McCoy’s tricorder which is now the tablet? Everything begins with a thought and manifests with a word. Giving it a name gives it potential. Words are symbols.

Unfortunately, the supernatural can only be examined as something that once was considered magical, and has been now explained as being quite natural and explainable, and then we must admit that all of those things were natural all long. We simply lacked knowledge and understanding. The only way that magick could exist in its traditional meaning is when some one discovers something new. In the Old Testament it was probably easier telling the illiterate masses that God didn’t want them to eat pork than it would have been to explain the presence of germs they could not see.

We shouldn’t abandon our predecessors. We still can learn from them. But we must contemporize them. We have more knowledge. We understand more than they did. Hell, even trying to get Thelemites to look BEYOND Crowley’s myopic view of the world made me a heretic in my own house… as it were. We have to celebrate those that came before us. Those are some big shoulders that we stand on. But we also have to acknowledge that wisdom grows, our minds evolve and with them our view of the universe.

Knowledge today is advancing at such a rapid pace that our magick has to be more sophisticated than it ever has been before. Not to say that it hasn’t been mind blowing: the Lesser and Greater Keys of King of Solomon, which is a complete magical system which translates to modern self-psychoanalysis; the work of John Dee, a pious Christian mathematician and court adviser to the Queen of England. (Numbers are magick, you know) – Magick has given us some remarkable people, and has painted the way for science.  Let’s not forget the incredible contributions made to space exploration by  Jack Parsons, a magician and a Thelemite. In fact, magick still continues to give science the vision to pursue the unknown.

We need to differentiate so that our experiments and theorems make sense and comply with universal law. Otherwise we may one day find ourselves trying to teach a pig how to sing… and we all know how that ends. “It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

Pax Profunda