Pet Peeves

A reader wants to know what are some of the things that Thelemites do to show Thelema in a bad light.

Si Vales, Valeo

Of course I have problems with hypocrisy. So, here are a few of my pet peeves. And I should preface that these things bother me because I don’t think that people are really thinking about Thelema as a universal philosophy deserving of admiration.

1. I think it is hypocritical to claim to accept that God is in Man while not exercising that idea beyond words. In other words, doing nothing godly. The function of a god is “to go.” So go and make a definable change in the world!

2. Not admitting that the rights in Liber OZ are for everyone and not just Thelemites.

3. Considering one’s self a “freedom fighter” while not doing even so much as voting. Much less writing letters or sending emails to the people with the power and authority to do anything about it, such as our political representatives.

4. Claiming to be a warrior for freedom while idly sitting by when people are tormented, oppressed, or otherwise discriminated against.

5. Constantly pointing out how corrupt “da man” and society are while collecting unemployment benefits, food stamps, SSI or some other program provided by “da man.”

6. After spending years performing magick to achieve knowledge of their true nature – being unable to accept the bad with the good and turning away from their Shadow.

7. Claiming to be a “Thelemic Expert” when they know everything about Crowley, but haven’t thought about what Thelema means to us now, in OUR time. Our knowledge about human nature and the universe has increased exponentially since Crowley. “What makes Thelema relevant today?” is an important question.

8. Adopting Crowley’s “bad-boy” shenanigans to shock ones parents or impress ones friends, but ignoring the Work he did.

9. Thelemites that confuse political libertarianism with Thelema just because the word is composed from “liberty.”

10. People that use Thelema as an excuse not to improve on their glaring, inappropriate social behavior.

11. Members of fraternities that think their group is “one and only way” to learning, studying and applying Thelema.

I could go on and on and on, but I think we need to concentrate about what is RIGHT about Thelemites.

Feel free to write again.

Pax Profunda