The Problem With Secular Democratic Politics

Thomas Jefferson had said that we needed to have a revolution every 20 years to keep our freedom, and to prevent the government from becoming what it is today: a government geared for the benefit of a few lucrative special interest groups. If Americans weren't so prone to historical amnesia, a trip to the library would reveal that traditionally, all democratic governments that have lost their connection with the common man were transformed into an instrument of special interest groups, and have become dictatorships. The “People” have never had a problem isolating the problem and criticizing the source. It is easy to shout insults at the crooked politician on the television set from the safety of ones couch. Doing something that requires energy is quite another matter, however.

There is this false idea that the system is to blame for the actions and shortcomings of government officials the voter (or non voter, as the case may be) puts there. This is a cop-out, and we see people complaining much and doing little. In order to earn the right to complain we must first educate ourselves regarding the ways of government and The Constitution… it then becomes possible to see how unconstitutional our present government really is. If you replace crooked politicians with crooked politicians you cannot expect any improvement in the condition of congress. The current system must be altered so that a more fair and workable elective process can rise from the ashes of the existent one.

Today, the few people that DO vote are completely ignorant with regard to the views and policies of the people they oppose, or vote for. Yes, stupid people vote, and this is one of the hazards of democratic societies. Candidates with the capacity to be great rulers and representatives are eliminated from the race for some flaw in character or personality that has nothing to do with their ability to do their work; such as having extra-marital affairs. Instead, ineffective candidates with strong Christian morals are voted in, where once in power, impose their views and morality on others. The separation of Church and State is an ideal that has yet to be realized in America. The non-voter votes whether they like it or not. As the song goes, by not choosing, they have made a choice. The United States will never be a true Democracy until two things occur:

  1. ALL of its citizens are properly educated and prepared with the facts.
  2. ALL of its citizens are, both capable and willing to vote.
  3. Citizens demand more than a two party system.
  4. A separation between Church and State occurs.

Perhaps the most important step is to get involved. Activism is failing largely due to the fact that it takes work. Since the 70's very few people continue to concern themselves with government and many have left the decision making process to others who swiftly take advantage of peoples apparent inactivity. Our current government is the result of 2 decades of citizen neglect. We can do better than this, can’t we?

Gerald del Campo
July 4, 1992
Ashland, OR

Copyright Gerald del Campo 1992. All Rights Reserved