Dear Friend:

Si Vales, Valeo

I have been following that thread myself, but have refrained from commenting, well, because what is the point of arguing with the self-proclaimed Übermensch? You could never hope to have a rational debate.

You want to know if poor people can exercise sovereignty? I use “sovereignty” it in the same way I would use True Will. My True Will is what it is. What other people do is not going to mean squat to me. Therefore, I try to only concentrate on what I do. The exception being those brief moments someone or something interferes with my orbit.

In other words, when people say that “common good” interferes with their sovereignty, I think they are confusing what others have with what they feel they are entitled to. They are really saying, that for reasons of their perceived superiority, that poor people are not entitled to the same respect as they are, at worst, or at best that they should be able to judge over what others deserve based on the opinions they hold about themselves.

I look at our culture, our society, the writings of the Founding Fathers in much different ways than most Americans do because I am American by choice. I don't think that one side takes away from the other. I don't think that self-sovereignty takes away from common-good or visa versa. That doesn't mean someone isn't going to try to take away from the other due to an over-inflated sense of entitlement. We only need to look to what corporate America has done to our culture. And now, they have made villains out of the poor by creating the myth of the “welfare queen,” which has been a great distraction from the real problem, which is a lack of social responsibility.

You can't live in the America our Forefathers created as long as you are unable to see that sovereignty has nothing to do with wealth… or that it implies taking food out of the mouth of the poor.

Pax Profunda