Basic Techniques for Performing Sexual Alchemy

Before attempting to perform any magical activity, it is useful if one has learned to control the activity of the mind so that the operation will not be hampered by thoughts contrary to the working. This is especially true of Sex Magick.

There never seems to ever be enough emphasis on mental equilibrium in the magical literature. Some individuals feel that the warnings are there to discourage the use of the techniques, and this is an absurd and often dangerous, assumption.

Anyone who writes about a specific subject must, in all good consciousness, warn potential scientist against bugs or kinks in any procedure: There are ethics in the practice of magick. To do otherwise would be irresponsible. Imagine a science teacher handing a student a vial of mercury fulminate without telling them that dropping it would cause it to explode. In magick, (and especially sex magick) the magician must posses mental equilibrium, which is constant, strong, and enduring.

I don’t think that I would go as far as to recommend that everyone seek psychotherapy before embarking on magical journeys, but one must at least adhere to the advice and preliminaries set forth by the writers describing the methods. Madness and psychoses are the types of sickness that are much easier to acquire than to cure, and the steps necessary to avoid mental disorders are much easier than trying to rid one is self of insanity. Magick is not for the lazy, it requires discipline and practice. There are no shortcuts.

I have discussed in detail some simple, yet very effective techniques designed to strengthen one's control of the mind in “New Aeon Magick” (Luxor Press 1999) and recommend that one does the preliminary work laid out in those pages before attempting these practices. There are many reasons for preparing the mind before embarking, three of which are:

1) The mind must be so well focused and disciplined that it will withstand the natural tendency to wander from the desired effect of the operation to the operation itself. In magical context, once you start the operation you have no choice but to complete it. If the mind is allowed to wonder from the original intent, to the physical, pleasurable aspect of the technique the results can be disastrous.

2) These exercises will strengthen the magician’s ability to focus and still the mind, and will enable you to pull up the necessary defense should you find yourself in trouble, and will also help you recover from the problem mentioned above.

3) One must be aware of the cataloging processes of the mind in order to interpret the phenomena that one will experience by these practices. The Qabalah is, in my opinion, the best tool. Certain truths will make themselves known to those individuals who put the following methods into action. While these truths are readily understood on an unconscious level, they will be perceived consciously to defy logic. The exercises in New Aeon Magick will facilitate the practitioner with a method of explaining his experiences.

It is of little consequence to me whether the student heeds this warning or not. Ultimately, only the magician bears the burden of responsibility for his or her own sanity and well-being. Having said that, I have fulfilled my responsibility to the reader.

Fasting is a very powerful if it is focused. There are some very desirable psychological benefits to fasting for at least a full day before the operation, but it is not necessary to the fulfillment of the working. Diet, however, is important if the Elixir is going to be used to treat disease. The male body extracts the finest proteins, amino acids, and nutrients specifically for the production of sperm, and the woman's body does the same in order to manufacture a secretion that is high in mineral content, such as calcium.

First, the body of the Magician must be purified by water. Declare by prayer (or some other verbal means) that the body is being purified for the task at hand and bathe. The use of bath salts adds a nice touch, especially if the scents being used are in some way connected to the operation. For those that are unsure about which essence to use, Frankincense or Musk are safe bets for men. For women Sandalwood, Civet, Myrrh, Rose, or Jasmine is very desirable. (Be careful with Civet, however: a little goes a long way). If the operation requires the assistance of a second individual, do not bathe together. In fact, try not to expose yourselves to each other for a few hours before the working. Celibacy for a few days prior to the operation is very beneficial, as the union will be greatly anticipated and received with much intensity and joy.

In my own practices, I have written my prayers in paper with a quill. For ink I have used my own blood perfumed with appropriate oil. The paper is the tossed into the bath water and the blood and perfume is allowed to dissolve before entering the bath.

Second, the body must be consecrated by fire. Declare by prayer (or some other verbal means) that the flames of the oven that is your body have been kindled and you are ready to receive the Elixir. Then burn Abramelin incense and fan the smoke over your naked body.

After effectively banishing the area with the appropriate rite (such as the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, or Star Ruby) concentrate your mind on the results of the operation, or on the talisman, if you are using one. Do this for several minutes until the image is readily accessible.

Invoke the appropriate god for the result desired using the Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram and state your desire before the deity. Next you must assume the god-form. Your partner will therefore become the God's consort. This is a very powerful part of this operation, and when properly done the Kundalini wastes no time. Begin intercourse.

Rosinus writes: “When the Sun (Gold), my brother, for the love of me (Silver) pours his sperm into the chamber of my Lunar body, when we become one in a strong and complete complexion and union, the child of our wedded love will be born.”

Note that the lovers are, in this operation, brother and sister, and hence, allude to the mysteries of Isis and Osiris. (See The Supreme Rite)

At the point of orgasm the image must be called to consciousness so that for a few brief moments, nothing else will exists in the universe of the Magician except for that image.

What one thinks about during the physical manifestation must not be foreign to the function of the Deity involved, and the thoughts must not be at odds with the end desired. The image and the intent of the operation must be ever back grounded in the Magician’s consciousness. Obviously, the longer that one refrains from orgasm the more powerful the result.

Whether the practitioner is male or female, the fluids can be either consumed or used to charge the talisman. The talisman or thought form will become living entities.

In my opinion, women have a stronger potential to intensify the success of this operation, as they are capable of multiple orgasms, in which case the intent or image of the operation should be encouraged to flood the consciousness at each peak of the orgasm.

In some cults males and females alike will congregate in private spaces made sacred by ceremony. Afterwards, they will pleasure a Priestess, and during orgasm and the coma-like phenomena that occur immediately following orgasm the Priestess becomes an oracle, answering questions for the participants and seeing future events.

Solitary sex magick

After preparing as above: Simply masturbate with the intention of the operation, or the image of the talisman in the “back of your mind.” At the point of orgasm focus your full attention on the talisman so that the image floods the consciousness.

Whenever the working is geared towards healing one’s self, the magical link will be the sexually produced fluid which can be consumed. When working alone, it is most effective if the Deity involved is one of the many self-created gods in mythology, since they did not require a partner.

Sex magick with a partner of the opposite sex

[Note: The reason I have not included a section on same-sex magical operations, is that simply, I don't know of any. If the reader is familiar with a Ceremonial approach to this kind of operation I would be interested in hearing from them.]

Aleister Crowley counsels that the partner not be aware of the operation, lest some contrary thought in part of one's companion hampers the success of the working. There may be some ethical questions regarding the use of someone else's sexual energy for one's gain, but that is not the purpose of this paper, as the morality and karmic repercussion of any action should be thought out by the Magician beforehand.

In any case, as stated above, you must assume the form of the most appropriate God for the work at hand while projecting the form of the counterpart of the God you have assumed unto your partner. If they are able to do the same, then the better the result. He must be perceived for the God He is and She for the Goddess She is. This is why the study of Raja Yoga (the yoga of the mind) and Bhakti Yoga (devotional yoga) play such important roles in Schools that teach Tantra, or Sex Magick. (Please see “Liber XXXVI: The Star Sapphire” in the Appendix)

In cases where both partners are aware of the task at hand, both must prepare and concentrate as stated above. Ideally, the male’s ejaculation should be delayed until such a time when the female collaborator achieves orgasm. Masturbation can be employed in order to synchronize the orgasms. Intercourse should continue until the fluids are well mixed.

The mixture of fluid must then be consumed. These fluids are referred to as the “The Elixir of Life.” The male drains the Grail (the Vagina) and shares the Elixir with his female counterpart in a kiss.

The reason for the oral administration of the Elixir is that it is easily absorbed by the mucous membrane in the mouth. Any leftover fluids can be used to charge the Talisman. Hindu Tantric teachings tell us that the Yogi may ejaculate, or refrain as he sees fit, but if he ejaculates, he must participate in oral sex.

The taste of the elixir will largely depend on hygiene and nutrition. When men and women are in good health, and adhere to good dietary habits, their sexually secreted fluids will contain large concentrations of amino acids and minerals from which both participants can benefit. When properly combined the consistency should be similar to honey, and should have a strong, sweet taste.

In Western and Eastern alchemical texts alike, the sexual discharge of the woman is referred to as The Red Lion (Sulphur), and the ejaculate (Salt) as The White Eagle. The Elixir is the conjunction of the fluids produced by the union of the male and the female, and is symbolized by Mercury.

In an ancient alchemical treatise called “The Sounding of the Trumpet,” we are told that: “In the Lunar Stone is the white sulphur, in the Solar Stone red sulphur, and the Mercurial Stone embraces both, which is the strength of the whole Magistery.”

This alludes to the exchange of fluids, one into the other vessel. The use of the word “strength” in this paragraph is not random: see the Rider Waite Tarot trump called “Strength”, or Crowley's equivalent “Lust.”

Red is the color of Geburah on the Tree of Life and has become known to most by its association with the Phallus, Mars (the God of War), and the Kundalini. Red, is also the heraldic substitute for the metal Gold, a metal usually attributed to the Sun and possessing male qualities. At first glance it is easy to perceive this as conflict in archetypes.

As I have explained previously, the Tree of Life can be used as a system of classification, wherein abstract principles can be decoded or broken down to reveal certain Truths, and this is where I will turn for my answer.

What follows is very difficult to explain, and even harder to understand unless one refers to some visual aid. Please refer to the illustrations of the Tree of Life for reference.

Perfect Balance and Harmony are attributions of Tiphareth; whose metal is Gold. Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel is said to be symbolized by Tiphareth. “Knowledge,” in this context, is meant in the biblical sense, a sexual knowledge. We will therefore establish that the desired end of sex magick is to be found within the realm of experience illustrated by Tiphareth. Furthermore, since the metal attributed to Tiphareth is Gold, and the desired end of the alchemical transmutation of lesser metals is Gold, we can safely assume that careful speculation and analysis of Tiphareth will reveal the affinity between both systems of spiritual attainment.

Because Tiphareth plays such an important role in both, alchemy and sex magick, we will use the transmutation of the lesser metals symbolized by the other Sephiroth into Gold, as a metaphor explaining the mechanics of sex magick.

Take note that Geburah is on the Left Pillar, known to be feminine, and known to represent sexual passion or aggression (which are not exclusively male qualities). Menstruation is red. The female quality in Geburah is a higher expression of the passionate qualities expressed in Netzach: the root of Fire and unbridled passion. Geburah also represents the destruction of the old so that something new can exist, and this will remind those of us that understand a woman’s cycle of the regeneration of the surface of the uterus which occurs during menstruation.

If we attempt to raise the vibrational quality of the energy symbolized by Netzach to Geburah we will need to take the Path illustrated by the Tarot card Death: Trump 13. Also, the Hebrew word “ACHAD”, which means LOVE enumerates to 13. The hermetic meaning of the card Death is orgasm, “the little death,” and is symbolic of the changes which occur during release. We then continue moving towards Geburah to the Path illustrated by Tarot trump 8: Adjustment. (Waite's trump #11 “Justice”).

Trump 8 is attributed to the Hebrew letter Lamed, which means “Ox Goad.” This suggests some relation to trump 0, The Fool, which is attributed to the Hebrew letter Aleph and means “Ox.” Therefore, the Ox Goad is an implement used to control, instruct, or teach an Ox. The Ox, or The Fool, illustrates creative power in action: The Ox Goad, or Adjustment, represents that which is the driving force within it.

The Zodiacal attribution to Adjustment is Libra. Its color is green and Venus rules it, and here we begin to see its connection to Netzach. The fact that its physical representation is that of a whip ties it in with the disciplinary qualities of Geburah. In sex magick, this path defines our purpose and intent. It alludes to the mental discipline necessary to complete the Work.

There is an apparent discrepancy pertaining to “The White Eagle.” White is the heraldic color for the metal silver, and silver is a Lunar color usually associated with woman, but most importantly it is the color of alchemical Mercury (Hod). We can then start a series of association: If Silver equals Mercury, and Mercury equals sperm, then we can assume that like sperm, Hod will contain both male and female potential. We then turn to Qabalistic analysis for verification and see that the image of Hod is a Hermaphrodite.

We continue with the same process and assumptions as before in order to discover more potential clues. We assume that if we raise the vibrational quality of Hod to that of Chesed we will need to travel first from Hod to Tiphareth, the path of the Tarot Trump “The Devil” - The Phallus. From Tiphareth we continue towards Chesed through the path associated with the Tarot Trump the Hermit: Sperm.

Qabalistically, the whole operation can be summed up by a simple assumption: That the alchemical energies represented by the Sephiroth must descend towards Tiphareth. Careful Qabalistic analysis of this process will give some clues to the operation.

Kether is the First Matter, and from it we extract the Three Alchemical Principles (Mercury, Sulphur and Salt) embodied in Chaos (Chockmah). From there we encounter the first “imperfect” metal: Lead (Binah). Its decent towards Gold (Tiphareth) is symbolized by the Path of The Lovers, The Marriage of Opposites.

The next “imperfect” metal is Tin: Chesed. Its movement towards purity is symbolized by the Path of The Hermit: The Sperm.

Next is Iron, or Geburah: its method toward flawlessness is alluded to by the Path of Adjustment: Discipline and direction are the ways to the Kundalini.

The following metal is Copper, or Netzach. Its progress toward Gold is symbolized by the Trump Death: The Orgasm, or destruction of the Ego… Sacrifice.

The Path represented by the Tarot Trump The Devil: The Phallus, and alludes to the transition of Mercury, or Hod. The Art Trump symbolizes the Path for Silver, or Yesod.

Once these alchemical ideas have become perfected in the Sphere of Tiphareth (Sol, Gold), they descend down towards physical manifestation in Malkuth through the Paths symbolized by the Tarot Trumps Art and The Universe.

The ART Trump (or Temperance, as it is called in other decks) shows a double-faced woman wearing a Lunar crown; she is shown half-white and half-black alluding to the Taoist idea of Balance. She pours Fire and Water into a Cauldron, from which a WHITE Lion and RED Eagle drink.

The apparent reversal of colors and archetypes allude to the Taoist idea of the balance between a person’s male AND female energies: Ying and Yang. The physical manifestation of the Elixir of Life, Alchemical Gold, or the Stone of The Philosophers is symbolized by Malkuth: the Four Elements, The Garden of Eden, whose magical image is that of a beautiful young maiden sitting upon a cube holding an apple between her legs.

The essence of any individual is bisexual: we bear both male and female qualities. The contrast in the behavior of men and women is partly due to the physical body we own, and/or socially imposed conduct. The idea behind this kind operation is that the “Soul” must be brought to balance through the union of its opposite represented by the male and female participant. Once this is done the “Spirit” will experience total freedom of expression which will rise above the confines of the human body and social conditioning. Once this occurs, Union with God is possible.

The idea of “Alchemical Gold”, as it pertains to the Elixir which is used to delay the effects of aging, prolong life, and healing illness comes from the fact mentioned above: that the human body uses the finest nutrients for the development of sperm and vaginal secretions. Once the business of consuming these thoroughly mixed fluids is repeated over many years, the end result (so the alchemist believes) will be secretions of the highest purity;, their potency being greatly magnified each time, until the consummation of such secretions has the potential to heal all disease. THIS is called “ALCHEMICAL GOLD”.