The Secret

Si Vales, Valeo

You wish to know secrets. In particular the secret of the IXth degree. First, let me say that you are seriously confused. The secret does not belong to us. Do we experiment with it? Do we use it? Some of us do. But it isn't ours to give away and even if it were I wouldn't just give it to someone I have never met, much less initiated. Perhaps you have heard the term “pearls before swine.”

You will just have to work for that secret like everyone else. Go get initiated. Move up the degree structure, and if you are lucky and pay your dues regularly, you too will be in possession of the grand secret.

But I DO have a secret for you. It is one of those secrets much like the Supreme Secret that everyone already knows but no one talks about. Ready?

People are afraid to ask the hard questions about Thelema, much less try answer them. It is almost as though most Thelemites believe they have something to lose by bringing it into the light. But what secret could possibly be so dark?

This dark secret is the shame of the majority of most Thelemites you will likely encounter: It is the enthusiasm with which most Thelemites cling to a word like “Thelema” without actually understanding it. No, worse than that: lacking enough interest to discuss it with peers, lest someone challenge their understanding.

I get it. It is pretty scary. Yet Thelema is nothing more than a word that a small group on the fringe of society clings to, just because it provides them with an identity which apparently cannot be questioned. And the number of actual Thelemites doing the work is even smaller. Or the irreverence that would cause someone to think that you could email me and without any shame, ask me for the secrets of some other organization.

How’s that for a fucking dark secret?

Pax Profunda