There Is No God But Man? Really?

“If we accept that there is neither a heaven or a hell, we renounce the idea of any power beyond the perception of science we then must accept responsibility for all we do in this life for there will be no form of atonement afterwards.” - Dominic Webb

Whether you believe in god or not, I think perhaps this quote explains the challenges that humans face in the New Aeon.

In other words: we are responsible. We are responsible for world hunger; we are responsible for what is being done to the planet in the name of capitalism and economic growth; we are responsible for health care becoming a commodity for those that can afford it, and we are responsible for imperialism. We will be held accountable.

Yes, we are responsible. But are we? That is the horrible truth all humans have to face. The atheist and the deist don’t have “God” to kick around any more: surely by now the deist has learned that God helps those that help themselves, and has discovered that help usually comes by way of humans. The lights are on, and it is the humans who are caught with their pants down. Every body knows.

One cannot simultaneously hold the belief that there is no other god than man (whatever that may mean to you) and close our eyes to the problems that plague today's world. Of course, one can simply choose to ignore the entire issue… at least until it begins to affect them personally, an then the complaining, weeping and gnashing of teeth begins, which is what I have observed usually occurs in human nature. But it is said that “by their fruit we shall know them,” and so it becomes very simple to tell the posers from the real thing.

How concerned are they with current events? Do they get involved? Try to be a part of the solution, of simply ignoring the problem? How do they view human suffering? Do they instinctively invoke OZ, or “the slaves shall serve” when asked what they are doing about the problem? Do they appear to labor under the false assumption that to oppose religion they must also oppose responsibility and charity? Do they tell you it is “dumb” or “Old Aeon”? There are some self-proclaimed uber-Thelemites (You know… the real loud ones who are always shouting from their couches or computer desk but can’t seem to actually put any idea into action) who will tell you that religion is inseparable from charity and responsibility. Doesn't that sound a little “old aeon” too? What do they suppose Crowley meant by “Agape?”

Here is my wish for the New Year. It isn't for world peace… generally speaking, as a species we have not yet evolved enough to value human life over the dollar yet and we seem to still believe that capitalism is the solution to all our problems. It isn't an end to hunger, or medical care for all for the reasons that food and medical appear to be commodities for those that can afford them. Instead, I will shoot for something more easily attainable: My wish is for an end to the hypocrisy that exists in our own philosophical paradigm. I hope for Thelemites to wake up from their comfortable, smug existence of casting judgment from the ivory towers of their computers and lazyboy couches to wake up to the fact that they have defiled and desecrated the spirit of Thelema long enough, and that Thelema is about doing ones True Will, not trying to figure out creative ways of getting out of it.

Or you can just blow this off and write me off as delusional… but that still won’t make you any less accountable. Only action and responsibility will make you that.

Gerald del Campo
February 2003
Portland, OR

Copyright Gerald del Campo 2003. All Rights Reserved