Immanentize the Eschaton

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This is a REALLY IMPORTANT message for Discordians Everywhere!


My name is Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C., Hip Talker and High Priest of the Mu Cabal ,POEE and Episkopos of the Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium. A few days ago, I received a revelation from Eris about the nature of the action in the Middle East, and what exactly is happening there. Unfortunately, I have no way of stopping it ,and so I appeal to you all to read my words and act accordingly. Most of you have read Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's book The Illuminatus! Trilogy. If you recall, the major plot device revolved around Hagbard Celine attempting to stop the Bavarian Illuminati from Immanentizing the Christian Eschaton. What this means is that, in the book, the Eschaton, that is, the really high muckety-mucks, were attempting to achieve transcendental illumination (Immanentization). Transcendental Illumination is a difficult state to achieve. It is a state where the human no longer exists in the normal realm of space/time hodge/podge, but is given the power to see the Universe for what it really is, and to travel and perform acts as he wills. Malaclypse the Elder is purported to have reached such a state. There are three ways to achieve this state that are known. The first takes decades to perform, and involves heavy meditation and self-ostracization from society. The other two ways are much quicker. It requires the sudden release of human life force. The two strongest releases of the same are orgasms and death. While from an ethical standpoint, orgasms are preferred, there is a significant difference between what amount of energy is released by orgasm and that of death: Death is greater. (DeSelby, Tetralogical Illumination, 1923). I was pondering this fact when Eris spoke to me. The phone rang and when I picked it up, I heard silence, but Eris was there. When I put the phone down, I knew. I immediately ran to the nearest library and raced through the genealogy books and the metaphysics texts. My results were conclusive. Arkon Daraul's The History of Secret Societies gave mention to one Hassan I Sabbah, ruthless warlord and founder of the Order of Assassins. He was a Sheik who lived in the early 12th century, and founded his cult to control Persia, what is now Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. He also was the founder of many ideas about metaphysics and reality and cultism, which Adam Weishaupt studied before founding his Illuminati. (Glokheipt, Washington und Weishaupt, 1823). According to Daraul, the Society of Assassins believed that they were the chosen of Allah, and would become his avatars. Naturally, Hassan I Sabbah believed no such thing, and was simply playing on his servants inbred religious ideas. He himself was aiming at no less that Transcendental Illumination. He wrote in his diary: “The pursuale of what is beyonde fleshe is of greatest importance to me. I have learned many things under its tutalege. enemees cannot see, nor hear, nor lift sword gainst me. Mine eyes have been opened… Should I fail to pass on, I must not let mine peeple lose y secrete.” (Al-Razzak, Ye Culte Hassan, 1205 (?)) It is unknown if Hassan I. Sabbah achieved Transcendental Illumination. Certainly many died at his hand. But the likelihood is he did pass on his secrets. Continuing the research, I began tracing the family name Hassan as far back as the record went to the present. I was astonished and horrified when I discovered one of the permutations of the name Hassan is Hussein. While the genetic charts could not specifically point to Saddam Hussein as being a direct ancestor of Hassan I Sabbah, there is little room for doubt that Saddam Hussein has indeed found the secrets to Transcendental Illumination practiced by Hassan I Sabbah and later by Adam Weishaupt. Saddam Hussein is attempting to Immanentize the Islamic Eschaton. It explains everything: his killing thousands of his own people, thousands of Kuwaitis, war where he can claim the life force of those slain. It doesn't matter which side. Unfortunately, the world doesn't believe in Transcendental Illumination. Our leaders will denounce us as fools for trying to explain this to them. Our problem now rides with how are we to prevent this from happening? Unfortunately, we have no Golden Submarine to carry us about the ocean. Fellow Discordians! I charge you to listen to the words of Eris and see if there is not some way to prevent this atrocity! I also charge you to spread the news of this sad event to your brothers and sisters, to other cabals, to other sects, and to those who might listen.

Do not let 1991 be the year they Immanetize the Islamic Eschaton.

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C. Mu Cabal, POEE →←
Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium