Invisibility Ritual

A Method of Not Being Noticed

Introduction: An Occulting Primer

Fear and Self-Confidence.

“Getting the Fear” brings on a hyper awareness of one's outside environment (and a dramatic heightening of all one's physical and psychic senses) when raised to a pitch nearing terror by survival instincts. This is the definition of pathic paranoia. The purpose of deliberately inducing fear in oneself is to increase awareness and, although somewhat unpredictably, speed in performing acts of an embarrassing or “not quite legal” sort. This method, however, when it is the only one used, tends to attract notice rather than detract from it.

Self-Confidence, when intentionally induced into an unlikely situation, brings non-awareness, enabling the operator to continue unhampered by fear of divulgence. This is effectively used in acts of a self-righteous sort, in which the operator sees the act as a “god-given right” despite societal taboos to the contrary. An artificial superiority complex is one such example of a self-induced confidence trick to hide unpreparedness, inability, embarrassment and so on.

There is also the art of “Blending in” that often includes both of these, and is the primary result of both when attempting to become invisible. The act of inspiring confusion in mob situations is included in the art of blending in, as it makes any and all actions by a single or well orchestrated group seem of little importance compared to the actions of a confused and/or panicking mob. Therefore, one or all of these factors must be included in any operation whose purpose is to cast a glamour of invisibility on any person, place, or thing.

The following ritual outline can be used in any situation which hostile discovery might be the result. Invisibility should not be the only objective therefore, and so a cloak of silence is also implied. Smell of course is fairly simple to conceal, and is used to advantage by covering up or removing it. The aim of the ritual then is complete invisibility, to include ultimately psychic manipulation of the surrounding area of operation; creating a warp in the fabric of perception to hide an unaccustomed weave. As with any modus operandi, practice makes perfect, and therefore operators are advised to adapt the ritual to fit any circumstance. The Creepy Crawl Chameleon Rite is best performed by a group whilst a single individual speaks the enochian invocation.



A few moments of silence and relaxed awareness of one's surroundings. After a suitable period (when one is calm and relaxed), the operators begin imagining everything they see, hear, etc. as a potential threat. This should last only long enough that high-pitched fear overtakes them.

Statement of Intent:

“It is my/our will to cast a glamour of negative perception on all that should come into my/our sphere of influence.”

Invocation of Invisibility:

To be spoken aloud by a single operant whilst all operators slowly spin, widdershins, with eyes wide open and arms outstretched. Operators visualize a sphere of dense black, smoky darkness enveloping the area surrounding them as the enochian invocation is delivered.

U R A N U N    C A R I P E    B A G L E N    O L

G E M E G A N Z A    D E - N O A N    C H I I S    G O S A A

Z A M I C M A G E    O L E O L    A G - S A P A H    A R P H E

O R E S A    E T H A M Z    T A A    T A B E G I S O R O C H

Z O D I N U    A R    Z U R A H    P A R E M U

Z O D I M I B E    P A P N O R G E    M A N I N U A

Z O N A C    D O D S I H    H O X M A R C H    T R I A N

A M O N O N S    P A R E    D A S    N I I S    K U R E S

(Visible only by will, I blind and make deaf all others who may see or hear me. A darkness shall cover them like that at the bottom of the ocean, and they shall leave immediately. Forgetfulness will envelope their minds and anxiety grip their hearts should they come to interrupt us in our work.)

The operators then see the smoky darkness dissipate as all that is within the working area begins to “fold”.

The unfolding process is completed by laughter whilst spinning quickly deosil (to the right), decreasing speed to a full stop.