Book I

THE worlds were drunken as with wine
When, shimmering from the throne divine,
The soul of Mary fixed its ray
Within the meek and maiden clay.

The stars in mightier music rolled;
The sun achieved a gladder gold;
The moon less pure acclaimed the morn;
– Mary immaculate is born.

Rejoice, O children of the earth,
At your salvation brought to birth!
This is the perfect period.
Mary is born that shall bear GOD.

Amen. [3]

BEHOLD within the veil withdrawn
Thy mighty star on chaos dawn,
Thy beatific breath complete
The purpose of the PARACLETE

Where sinful sorrow doth oppress,
Thy sinless sorrow doth redress,
O maid whom seven demon lords
Thrust through the heart with seven swords!

O sweet and sober mother-maid,
Within my heart each bleeding blade
Shudders, as, meditating Thee,
Thy mercy sheds its shower on me!

O mother Mary, from Thy soul
Distil the balm to make me whole,
And when the dreary days are done
Lead up my spirit to Thy Son!

Amen. [4]

WE praise thee, blessed maid of GOD,
That art the spirit in the sod.
Thou art the bird within the bower,
And Thou the honey in the flower!

Thou art the moon in Egypt's night;
The shade from Afric's blasting light!
In all the world of ill we bow
To the one good, and that is Thou.

For blazing in Thy blessed womb
Glitters the CHRIST, a star of doom
To cast the stars of evil kings
Into the blind abyss of things.

Hail, Mary, hail! Thou didst conceive
The Holy Child whom we believe.
Draw Thou our loyal spirits hence
In rapture and in reverence!

Amen. Still be the beatific balm
To heal, to comfort, and to calm!
Still make to bud the barren rod,
And bring our spirits back to GOD!

Amen. [5]

THOU star at sea, that still dost point
The unimaginable goal,
With eucharistic rays anoint
The wounds of this my sinful soul!

The seas are strong, the charts obscure;
The compass spells a traitor rune.
Do thou exalt thy loyal lure
Above the dead deceitful moon!

The sailors mutiny; the storm
Wilder and wilder shrieks and wails,
And phantoms ghastly and difform
Haunt thy poor captain as he sails.

Grant, as death's iceberg threatens me,
Sin's fog, Satanic spite that bars,
That I may keep these eyes on Thee,
Star on the sea that blots the stars!

Amen. [6]

THE shadows fall about the way;
Strange faces glimmer in the gloom;
The soul clings feebly to the clay.
For that, the void; for this, the tomb!

But Mary sheds a blessed light;
Her perfect face dispels the fears.
She charms Her melancholy knight
Up to the glad and gracious spheres.

O Mary, like a pure perfume
Do thou receive this failing breath,
And with Thy starry lamp illume
The darkling corridors of death!

Amen. [7]

GO seek, O my soul, thy veridical home
In the palace of GOD where the work as the will is!
There are wonderful lilies afloat in the foam,
And Mary is throned in the midst of the lilies.

Go seek, O my soul, in the sorrowful sea,
The Cross where GOD's agony culminates, closes!
The roses are heaped till they cover the tree,
And Mary is throned in the midst of the roses.

Go take, O my soul, thy poor heart that has bled
To pallor and death for thine evil behaviour!
The heart of the SAVIOUR redeems it to red,
And Mary is throned in the heart of the SAVIOUR.

Amen. [8]

O HAPPY flower, on whom there fell
The dew of the Ineffable!
O jewelled cup, wherein was poured
The precious liquor of the LORD!

Through thee by the infernal goad
The seven bleeding sorrows flowed:
Thou keepest secret and apart
The wounds of Jesus in Thine heart.

Through Thee by the divine consent
The seven ecstatic joys are sent:
Thy secret worship shall inspire
Our hearts with His devoted fire.

O mother, to Thy house of death
We fly from life's deceitful breath.
O star of love upon the sea,
We sail to Thee-we sail to Thee!

Amen. [9]

ALL hail, dread LORD, all hail!
Smite through Thy rended veil
Light till our sun grows pale-
Eclipsed, discrowned!
Now might not men withstand,
Save that one maiden bland
Aids with Her splendid hand
Them whose poor power is spanned
By earth's sad ground.

All hail! dear CHRIST, all hail!
None could endure Thy pale
Anguish; all creatures veil
Their woeful eyes.
Joy fills the hells of hate.
Thou shalt their rage abate,
Conquer the lords of fate,
Virgin immaculate,
Serene and wise! [10]

All hail, bright Ghost, all hail!
Thou didst Thy splendours Veil
In that entrancing pale
Maternal maid.
Nor could thy flame carouse
On our unlighted brows,
Save that Thy sweet sad spouse
Sends from Her holy house
Her puissant aid.

Amen. [11]

HAIL to Thee, Lady bright,
Queen of the stars of night!
Ave Maria!
Spouse of the Breath Divine,
Hail to Thee, shrouded shrine,
Whence our REDEEMER came!
Hail to Thy holy name!
Ave Maria!

Hail, Hail, O Queen, to Thee,
Spouse of Eternity!
Ave Maria!
Mother in Maidenhood!
Saintly Beatitude!
Queen of the Angel Host!
Bride of the HOLY GHOST!
Ave Maria!

Amen. [12]

ROLL through the caverns of matter, the world's irremovable bounds!
Roll, ye wild billows of ether! the cymbal is shaken and sounds!
Wild and sonorous the clamour, vast in the region of death,
Live with the Fire of the Spirit, the essence and flame of the breath!
Sound, O sound!

Gleam in the world of the dark, where the chained ones shall tremble and flee!
Gleam in the skies of the dusk, for the Light of the Dawn is in me!
Light on the forehead, and life in the nostrils, and love in the breast,
Shine, O thou Star of the Dawning, thou Sun of the Radiant Crest!
Shine, O shine!

Flame through the sky in the strength of the Chariot wheels of the Sun! [13]
Flame, ye young fingers of light, on the West of the Dawning that run!
Flame, O thou Meteor Car, for Her fire is exalted in thee!
Lighten the darkness, and herald the daylight, and waken the sea!
Flame, O flame!

Crown Her, O crown Her with Stars as with flowers for a virginal gaud!
Crown Her, O crown Her with Light and the flame of the down-rushing Sword!
Crown Her, O crown Her with Love for maiden and Mother and wife!
Hail unto Mary! Hail! for She is the Lady of Life!
Mary crowned!

Amen. [14]

O QUEEN of Heaven, who didst conceive
The ALMIGHTY without sin,
Give us the rapture to receive
Thy sinless love within!

Our souls are stained, our thoughts impure;
O Queen of Heaven, assoil
Our error, our distemperature
With Thine anointing oil!

Our censers fume before Thy feet.
Through all the starry host
Whisper the sacred words and sweet:
“Receive the HOLY GHOST!”

Amen. [15]

BE still! before the altar gates
The incense steam aspires;
The priest of JESUS stands and waits
At those consuming fires;
The grey cathedral dominates
Our pitiful desires.

O Mary! of Thy Motherhood
To all Thy worshippers,
Bring us to Thy beatitude
Whose sweet impulsion stirs
The soul lethargic unto to good,
The slaves to ministers!

Our Lady, sorrowful and sweet,
Thy precious gift bestow!
Thy holy spouse the PARACLETE
Breathe down on us below
That all the chrism be complete,
Thy servants pure as snow! [16]

Our Lady, let Thy darling dove
Our holy wishes heed!
Bring down the Spirit from above,
With JESUS intercede,
Till all the night dissolve in love
That shall be Light indeed!

Amen. [17]

MARY, Mother of our GOD,
Hear our faint ecstatic prayer!
Kindle Spirit in the clod!
Kindle hope in our despair!
Be His saving mercy spilt
Like a fountain on our sin!
Match His Godhead with our guilt!
Light the love of GOD within!

O majestic! O Divine!
O most merciful and pure!
Let our spirits at Thy shrine
Humbled, gladden and endure!
Help the weakness of our sight
Blind before Thy radiant face!
Bring us to Thy full delight
By the ardour of Thy grace!

Darkling doors and dangerous
In the ways of life and death:—
Cleanse us! help us! succour us
By the beatific breath! [18]
Till the fullness of Thy light
Shine upon the untrodden way,
Drown this dull, deceitful night
In Thy sempiternal day!

Amen. [19]

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