Book II

NO flower have I. O Queen, receive
This sere and sodden leaf!
O Mary maiden, I believe!
Help Thou mine unbelief!

No sails have I. The tempests reave
My wreck on Error's reef.
O Mary maiden, I believe!
Help Thou mine unbelief!

No wheat have I. O Queen, receive
This coarse and oaten sheaf!
O Mary maiden, I believe!
Help Thou mine unbelief!

No lands have I. Do Thou retrieve
My soul, the forfeit fief!
O Mary maiden, I believe!
Help Thou mine unbelief!

No joy have I. My follies grieve
Me with exceeding grief.
O Mary maiden, I believe!
Help Thou mine unbelief! [23]

No CHRIST have I, save Thou achieve
This miracle-in-chief!
O Mary maiden, I believe!
Help Thou mine unbelief!

Amen. [24]

ALL hail to Mary wandering
Adored by shepherd and by Mage!
The fury of the ruthless king
Inspires Her desert pilgrimage.

O sorrow of pure eyes beneath
The heavy-fringed ecstatic lids,
Seeing for maiden song and wreath
Sphinxes and pagan Pyramids!

O sorrow bitterer than death
To leave the dear delighted land,
And change the groves of Nazareth
For lonely leagues of sterile sand!

To us who wander desolate
In Earth's sad wilderness do Thou
Bend down Thy lips immaculate
And touch and kiss the adoring brow!

Amen. [25]

O CHANT in cadence dark and deep
The dread mirific Name,
The corners of His robe that sweep
The Universe with flame!

O chant in cadence softly sighed
The SAVIOUR'S grace Who came
And for our sins was crucified
Upon the cross of shame!

O chant in cadence whispering
The HOLY GHOST that poured
On Mary's bosom soft as spring
The unction of the LORD!

In silence let our hearts adore
The Mother-maid Divine,
And all our vows like swallows soar
To Her celestial shrine!

Amen. [26]

FROM winter's bleak and bitter prison
Up-surges the delighted spring.
The tomb is broke; the LORD is risen.
Hail! Thou anointed King!

Now, O Thou pitiful and pallid,
Who to the cross didst cleave and cling,
Thy tears to life from death have rallied
Thy SON, the Holy King!

Eater of flesh and soul and spirit,
The Lord of Hell on dropping wing
His doom of dolour doth inherit
From our anointed King.

See! headlong where he reels and plunges
To the abyss, a noisome thing!
He falls! Our sin Thy SON expunges!
Thy SON, the Holy King!

Then, O thou mildest maiden mother,
Thou feedest us! our crowns we fling
Here at Thy feet, who art no other
Than Lady of our King [27]

O bring us swiftly to the waters
Of peace; our souls in joyance bring,
As we adore, Thy sons and daughters,
Thy SON, the Holy King!

Thy seven sacraments deliver
That so Thy sorrows may not sting!
O lead us upward to the river
Of our anointed King!

With these desires my life be laden!
These two adore, my soul! and sing!
Mary, Thou mildest mother-maiden,
Thy SON, the Holy King!

Amen. [28]

THE earth is dark, save where desires
Exhale their black and bitter fires.
Save for Thy sorrow, heaven is bright
With cool and soft celestial light.

But gazing deeper as we dare
By virtue of retreat and prayer,
Of fasting and of vigilance,
We pierce beyond to brilliance.

For all the blessed blood that poured
Out of Thine heart at sorrow's sword
Is borne in GOD's cherubic cars
About the sky to make us stars.

We in the world of woe who stray
Lift up our hearts to Thee and pray:
Turn all our pain to virgin might,
And all our sorrow into light!

Amen. [29]

LIFT up, mine heart! Lift up, mine heart!
The autumn leaves of earth depart
Before the buds in heaven that bloomed
To greet Thee, Mary maid, assumed.

All earth and heaven compose Thy throne;
All saints and maids and martyrs own
The joyous gift of GOD to Thee,
And Angels quire Thy sanctity.

Abase, my head, to this Divine
Decree, and worship Mary's shrine
Wherefrom the healing springs upstart:—
Lift up, mine heart! Lift up, mine heart!

Amen. [30]


BEFORE the veil of death divide
And usher man to bliss or bale
He hath an hour to heal his pride
And greet Thee with a glad “All hail


Hail Mary, blessed through the ages!
Hail Mary, blessed to the term!
Thou hast stilled the heathen as he rages,
And trod upon the laidly worm.


In calm and storm, in peace and strife,
There is a lull; be ours to scale
Therein the pinnacles of life
By greeting Thee with Mary hail!


Some of us conquer and succeed;
Some in the battle flinch and fail:
Thou art enough for either need:-
All greet Thee with the glad “All hail”!

Amen. [31]

THEN all the world is wrapt in cloud,
The storm-fiend yells and raves aloud,
Our heads in peace to Thee are bowed
With Hail, O holy Mary!

When on the burnt and blazing plains
The hard sun withers up our veins,
We raise to Thee our subtle strains
Of Hail, Thou holy Mary!

When on the sea its combers grim
Circle the sky from rim to rim,
We sing to thee the holy hymn
Of Hail, Thou holy Mary!

When on the mountains in the ice
We hang above some precipice,
We offer Thee the sacrifice,
And hail Thee, holy Mary!

Still, when the icy breeze of death
Cuts through the bastions of breath,
Thou hearest him who murmureth
All hail, O holy Mary!

Amen. [32]

HARK to the cry of the heavenly choir
Earth with their music that rouse and inspire!
Hark to the lordly celestial lyre!
Ave Maria!

Martyrs and virgins in ecstasy bow;
Angels and spirits their radiance vow
Unto the vision supreme that is Thou,
Ave Maria!

See where the cherubin pallid and plumed
Swing with their thuribles praises perfumed!
JESUS is risen and Mary assumed:-
Ave Maria!

We who are men-shall we flag in the praise
Due to the Holy One, Ancient of Days?
Soar, O our song, in a crystal amaze!
Ave Maria!

Amen. [33]

MIRACULOUS birth of the roses
In the fervour of summer aswing
Awaken the soul that reposes
To praise of our SAVIOUR the King.
Let myrtle and honey and amber
Be mixed in the censer and spiced
That our worship may cluster and clamber
To the mother of CHRIST and the CHRIST.

Miraculous birth of the lilies,
Afloat in the fountains that spring,
One Voice on the lake that is still, is
The voice of our SAVIOUR the King.
Let corn for His Body be gilded!
Pour wine for His Blood the unpriced!
That a temple of worship be builded
For CHRIST and the Mother of CHRIST.

Too pale the libation we spill is;
Too cold is the censer we swing;
The glory exceeds of Thy lilies,
O Mother Divine of the King! [34]
Yet daily our worship shall quicken
The dust, till our souls are sufficed
With the fire from the stars of Ye stricken,
O CHRIST and O Mother of CHRIST.

Amen. [35]

SEVEN are the Spirits and the lamps are seven;
I saw a wonder in the house of heaven.
Behold a woman girded with the sun
Beneath whose feet the liquid moon did run!

Twelve were the stars that crowned that shining head
Whereon the HOLY GHOST His silence shed,
That so Her womb a SAVIOUR should environ
To rule the nations with a rod of iron.

I saw moreover how She bore the Child,
And how the Dragon drave Her to the wild,
Loosing a flood of venom; but the earth
Gaped and devoured it in her warrior girth.

I saw red war in heaven; Saint Michael fell
With all his angels on the host of hell.
Saint Michael! praise to thee who didst prevail
And pen the demons in the hollow vale! [36]

Now is the royal mystery outrun;
Mary is gathered to the Holy One.
The vision fails; and we abase our eyes
In silent praise and solemn ecstasies.

Hail, Mary, hail! Our song goes up to Thee;
From Thee descends the quickening decree.
Like trembling flowers our souls accept the stress
Of Thine exalted dew of holiness.

Amen. [37]

UNDER the shade of flowering trees
We kneel (Thine ardent devotees)
And in Thy mercy find our ease.

Beside the pleasant streams we move,
Our thoughts concentrated on the above,
And find our joyance in Thy love.

When Death's cold stream runs black and chill,
And yew and cypress haunt the hill,
Be Thou our love and comfort still.

Receive us (by Thy Motherhood)
By deathless stream and fadeless wood
In Thy celestial solitude.

Amen [38]

AS in the sleeping lake we view
A pallid image of the blue,
So in Thy Chapel may we see
A faint enshadowing of Thee.

Our minds are dull, our lives are base;
We cannot see the maiden face.
Imagination may not run
From moonlight to the self-lit sun.

Darkly as in a glass we gaze
And lose ourselves in pious praise.
How then when risen and pure of heart
In heaven we see Thee as Thou art?

O let the film of earth and sin
Each day by love grow clear and thin!
O let Thy worship done aright
Prepare us for the eternal Light!

Amen. [39]

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