TRANSCEND, O Mage, thy soul redeemed!

Her mercy shone where sorrow steamed.

Exalted in the skies of even

Virtue hath cleared thy way to Heaven.

In darkness hides the glittering ore.

Revealed thy Light, O mystic lore

Given by GOD, lest I should err

In dexter or in sinister.

Now Mary’ Virgin to my speech

Married Her fire that all amid each

At last should gather to the Tryst,

Ripe suns arisen above the mist!

Thou hast given me favour! Yea!

Yea! In utmost love and awe we pray;

Devoted to Thy reverence

Enkindle I time sweet incense.

Secure from all the fears that chill,

In peace from them that rage and kill;

Receive, O Queen, the glad Oration

Even from a lost and pagan nation.

But Thou will make us wholly fit

Unto Thy grace amid care of it,

Till all time Elixir do receive

[Amen] to heal the hurt of Eve.



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