Diseases of Neptune

NEPTUNE causes diseases which come as the result of worry, and all illnesses of an insidious and wasting character. A general weakness and irritability of disposition may manifest itself in hysteria. Painful and intractable, though not dangerous, disorders may be the source of much discomfort. Those born strongly under Neptune should abstain from reading books on materia medica, as they are so susceptible to suggestion as to imagine that they evidence symptoms of every disease they read about. They should avoid dwelling on their ills, real or imaginary, and not form the habit of dosing themselves or taking patent medicines. 

Neptune rules “the pineal glands, spinal cord, nerve fibre, telepathic and psychometric functions, those parts of the body which respond directly to superphysical impulses, as the chakras … occult action, Kundalini function, motion of chakras, flow of auric emanations.” 

Neptune causes “obscure diseases, such as comas, catalepsy, obsession, aesthetic ecstasy, somnambulism, hypochondriacism, trances, poison, drug habits.” 

“The misuse of mental and physical energies lays the native open to obsessions and diseases due to dabbling with occult forces.” {497} 

Neptune is so intangible in its effects on the health that it is difficult to state with any degree of definiteness just what the effect will be in the twelve signs. The disorders caused by Neptune are mainly due to depleted nerves or psychic disturbances; the latter may be induced by inharmonious surroundings or uncongenial companions. It manifests itself in hysteria, nervous tumors and mental obsessions. 

Obviously, when Neptune is in Aries, myopia, neuralgic headaches and exaggerated fears and false conceptions may result. 

When in Taurus, irritation in the throat and nervous swellings of that organ may be suffered, as well as threat of goitre. 

In Gemini, nervous coughs which may be an indication of a run-down nervous condition, could, if neglected, sometimes lead to tuberculosis. 

When in Cancer, psychic indigestion is possible and a craving for narcotics and stimulants will be a danger to be avoided. 

In Leo, nervous action of the heart, frequently incorrectly diagnosed as valvular, may be manifest. 

In Virgo, psychic disturbances affecting the intestines, such as “colicky” pains and sensations which might suggest adhesions or even appendicitis, might be aggravated. These could be induced through the imagination or because they were suggested by the mind of another. 

When in Libra there may be danger of hysteria, affecting the ovaries in a woman and the kidneys in both men and women, which may be caused by suppression or over-indulgence of sex, as well as sex perversions. 

In Scorpio, nervous tumors, false conception and all irregularities of the sex organs may be caused by allowing the mind to dwell on sex pleasures. 

When Neptune is in Sagittarius disturbances of the nervous system, resulting from religious mania and the abuse of the prophetic faculty, may be manifest. 

When in Capricorn, there may be danger of melancholia, suicidal tendencies frequently caused by imaginary persecution or fear of being kidnapped, murdered etc. 

In Aquarius, nervous toothache may result from fear of having {498} teeth extracted, also there may be irritation of the skin and creepy sensations of the flesh. 

When this planet is in Pisces, there may be itching or twitching of the feet, and general nervous debility which may be caused by lack of self-control and too great indulgence in the sensual emotions. 

The eminent London surgeon, Dr. Schofield, in describing the various illnesses of a nervous or imaginary character, which baffle the most clever diagnosticians, states that a woman will frequently have all the symptoms of a tumor, with its attendant enlargement of the body, and still maintain the illusion, after an operation has been performed, unless the physician can substitute something which he has procured at a butcher shop to show her after she comes out of the anesthesia. These are the types of ailments which are of a strongly Neptunian nature and obviously the products of the imagination. He concludes by saying: “When a person is so ill as to be ill when he is not ill, he is very ill indeed.”

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