Jupiter in Pisces

IN Pisces, Jupiter is strong, and the passive, receptive, somewhat psychic character of the sign enables the religious element in Jupiter to develop to its fullest extent, though in a quite unconventional and mystical manner. For example, in the case of Colonel Olcott, a sextile of Neptune is Jupiter's only important aspect; this, perhaps, led him to Theosophy rather than to Presbyterianism. Savanarola, with the trine of Uranus to Jupiter, is very dominant and constructive. Neptune is in opposition within four degrees, giving intense mysticism to the religious spirit. This is, however, far from the strongest complex of his figure. 

Tom Mann, the socialist agitator, has this position of Jupiter. Apart from near conjunctions of Venus and Neptune, there is no aid, and Saturn is square. It is a bad and selfish as well as a weak and untrustworthy complex. 

We have, however, three really great men with this position. Each has the true religious feeling; yet, in each case, it is somewhat masked by the scientific spirit. Herbert Spencer, for example, has no aspects to Jupiter but the sextile of the Sun, the semi-sextile of Mercury and square of Venus. It is by far the weakest of his three great complexes. Goethe has Neptune trine to Jupiter; hence the mystical tinge in his religious thought, and Venus is in opposition. Saturn rising is within ten degrees of making a triple trine with the two former planets, and adds a much-to-be desired severity to the mind. The Venus aspect here only insists on beauty of form, and no doubt determined him as primarily a poet. Sir Isaac Newton {392} has Saturn conjoined to Jupiter, lending wisdom and austerity to his religious conceptions, while the Sun is sextile, illuminating the vision and balancing by his warmth the coldness of Saturn. Uranus, moreover, is trine, giving originality and freedom to the idea. It is an altogether admirable combination, one of the finest that we have had to consider. 

Jupiter in Pisces indicates travel, principally by water, and brings good fortune through occupations ruled by Neptune. It inclines the disposition to be kind, quiet and unassuming. It develops the social instincts, but is apt to leave the native rather easy going and unambitious, unless the planet is well-dignified. 

The following well-known persons were also born with Jupiter in the sign Pisces: 

Stanley Baldwin 

J. P. Morgan 

H. Rider Haggard 

Bishop Greer 

Elbert Hubbard 

Ellen Terry 

Robert Goelet 

Abraham Lincoln 

Ethel Barrymore 

Stanley Baldwin {sic} 

William Faversham 

President Lowell of Harvard. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Jupiter is in the sign Pisces are as follows: 

From January 17th through June 2nd 1844 

September 14th 1844 “ January 19th 1845 

May 12th ” August 2nd 1855 

December 28th 1855 “ May 8th 1856 

November 4th ” December 14th 1856 

April 15th “ September 15th 1867 

December 1st 1867 ” April 19th 1868 {393} 

From March 26th 1879 through April 2nd 1880 

March 8th 1891 “ March 16th 1892 

February 20th 1903 ” February 29th 1904 

February 4th 1915 “ February 11th 1916 

January 18th ” June 5th 1927 

September 11th 1927 “ January 22nd 1928

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