Jupiter in the Signs

JUPITER, in a general classification, may be said to be the precise contrary of Saturn. The latter constricts and conserves; the former expands and spends. The one is egoism; the other altruism. In religious symbolism Saturn is Jehovah – “I am that I am” – which is only a theocratic way of saying “everything for myself.” Jupiter is the divine Son, Jesus – the benevolently spendthrift heir – who gives his very life for others. Jupiter is the instinct of creation, of generosity and hospitality, and of the religious emotions generally; and, of course, in so far as the man is passive to Jupiter, he represents these qualities in the cosmos bestowed upon the man, and hence “Good fortune.” Naturally, his action depends, with regard to its scope, upon Neptune and Uranus. Unless these planets, signifying respectively the soul and the divine will, indicate bigness in the career, a good Jupiter will be no more than a luck-bringer in business or profession, and make the character noble, generous, and easy-going; and a weak Jupiter will only defeat advancement in life, and tend to enfeeble the character by making it spendthrift, luxurious, and unable to resist the influence of others. 

The power of Jupiter, therefore, will not always be easy to recognize in many of the horoscopes with which we have hitherto been able to illustrate our propositions; for only when the private lives of the natives are fairly well known, or where “luck” has played a great part in their careers, shall we be able to trace his action to our satisfaction. There will, however, be no great difficulty in detecting the modifying influence of the signs, for Jupiter is far more impressionable than Saturn, for the reason that he is so expansive and warm-hearted. 

We have intimated above through what channels Jupiter comes {358} to express his creative and generous tendencies in material prosperity; but another point which should be emphasized in this regard is that Jupiter represents to a very great extent the ambition of the native. The force, quality, and degree of success of this ambition will be indicated by the strength and position of the planet, and the direction or channel through which this ambition may work out its best prosperity will be shown by the sign which Jupiter occupies, modified of course by other contributory conditions.

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