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ZEUS, or Jupiter, is more than lord of air. He is the heir of Saturn, and the Father of the Gods. In him is to be found the principle of human generation and of the joy of life. The nine moons which surround Jupiter are the nine months of gestation. The vast body and glory of this planet are the marvel of the sky. Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are somewhat sinister, solitary and austere. Their remoteness has something inhuman. But great Jupiter swings grandly {356} and joyously in his orbit, divine indeed, but warm toward man in his normal life, protector of the hearth and also of the shrine. 

There is no strife or turmoil in Jupiter; only victory, success and the rewards of success. But he is a Protean God; to attain his end he cast veils over the eyes of those whom he would bless. To one he appears as a bull, to another as a swan; again is he perceived only as a dove, or as a shower of gold. These fables contain the truth enshrined in that wonderful hymn “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform” 

Now, then, let us fix Jupiter in our minds as man in authority. He is the father blessing his children, but also he chastises them. He is the judge to acquit, but also to condemn. He is the Bishop at mass, but he has bell, book and candle at his need. Yet all these functions, properly considered, are benefic. The father desires to train, the judge to reform, the bishop to save. If we are afflicted by Jupiter, it is for our own good. 

Great is Jupiter, firm, four-square, unshakable in his mighty course. Behold him lord it over the sky at night, a blaze of gold and azure. Venus never moves far from the Sun; there is a twilight star. But Jupiter leaps upon the saddle of midnight, like a warrior king on his black mare. 

To one who loves Jupiter his grace is urgent, returning tenfold all adoration. Blessings flock about his feet as dogs greet their master at his homecoming. Success rides laughing at his right hand, and on his left is Love. Before him Fame stalks forth with silver trumpet, and the invisible hosts of power follow his footsteps. 

And here is danger – the danger of plethora. Even Jupiter may sit too long at the banquet; the friend of Jupiter may occupy himself with things too earthy to be permanent. It is important for each of us to emphasize the noble and the religious aspects of Jupiter. He is in a dangerous position, between the leaden Saturn and the iron Mars. His true relations are Venus and the Sun and Mercury, and they are far off. He represents the utmost height of achievement merely human, and thus may fall by success into desuetude, or by failure into heaviness of wrath. 

Remember that, though Jupiter is supreme, there are three spheres beyond. This is the summit of life, but in life is more than life, for beyond life is death, and beyond death new life, – strange, {357} mystical, and glorious. When you have touched success, aspire to that which is above; and, as to the blessings of this earthly life, let it be your pleasure to shower them on those that have need of them. 

So shall you fulfill the divine economy; so shall you attain the holy mountains whose snow-pearls glitter beyond the peaceful river of the fullness of life.

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