Mars in Aquarius

THE Uranian and airy influence of Aquarius tends to cause Mars to spend his energy more in the direction of intellectual force – and we may add, moral force. The method will be expansive, free, open, and yet full of wisdom. There are, of course, unfortunate exceptions. If over-excited by some dangerous aspect, the airy formula may be as distracting as that given by Gemini. 

Mary, Queen of Scots, suffered from this airy temperament in her mode of action, for, though the Sun was sextile, Saturn was square, and Uranus in opposition. 

Another instance is Marie Bashkirtseff. No doubt, as in the previous case, Mars is active enough. That is not the point; the point is that Mars is too active. Here Jupiter is in opposition and Neptune semi-sextile, and the Sun is square, a most unfortunate combination. Her peculiar temper and her method of attempting to achieve her ends, as described in her diary, are admirably pictured by these planets. 

Aquarius, on the whole, gives far more freedom of action to Mars than does Capricorn; hence occasionally we find looseness {351} in its method, and, in all cases, the native is more a man of thought than of action. Even such tremendous driving forces, practical as ever lived, as Gladstone, Bismarck, Alexander VI, and John Bright, all shared in this expansive – one may almost dare to say imaginative – type of action. With all but the very greatest, there is likely to be some hindrance implied. Alfred Russell Wallace was not the fighting force that his intellectual capacity would have stood for. The Earl of Strafford, in particular, was afflicted sorely in this matter. In his situation he needed an extraordinarily close-knit, terrible Mars. The opposition of Neptune on one side and the squares of the Sun and Mercury on the other were certainly detrimental, and the Aquarius tendency asserted itself unchecked. 

A last example of weakness is Ludwig II of Bavaria, whose Mars is made fatally eccentric in its action by the conjunction of Neptune with no counter-balance. Here the royal power itself was actually frittered away in whimsical intellectualities. 

Richard Wagner has the same position of Mars, but the aspects are so different that Aquarius brings out the best instead of the worst. Jupiter is in square to Mercury and opposition to Mars, it is true; but Venus and the Sun in conjunction are trine, and Mars is culminating in the tenth house. It is, therefore, a great and important complex, and it is never to be forgotten that, in such circumstances, it is less important whether planets have “good” or “bad” aspects; the fact of their existence in the complex is itself an element of strength; half a loaf is better than no bread! 

Another figure of amazing statue with this position is Victor Hugo. Mars has only a trine of Uranus and approaching a sextile of Mercury; there is therefore something lacking in his method. Gigantic as his soul was – quite equal to that of Wagner – he yet failed to influence Europe to the same extent. The fact is explicable by the inferior disposition of his Mars, and in no other manner. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mars is in the sign Aquarius are as follows: 

From January 1st through January 28th 1840 

November 29th 1841 “ January 5th 1842 

November 2nd ” December 12th 1843 {352} 

From April 28th “ July 10th 1845 

July 28th ” October 27th 1845 

March 25th “ May 4th 1847 

February 28th ” April 8th 1849 

February 8th “ March 17th 1851 

January 18th ” February 24th 1853 

December 29th 1854 “ February 4th 1855 

December 7th 1856 ” January 14th 1857 

November 13th “ December 22nd 1858 

June 10th ” June 22nd 1860 

September 30th “ November 20th 1860 

April 4th ” May 17th 1862 

March 9th “ April 17th 1864 

February 16th ” March 25th 1866 

January 27th “ March 4th 1868 

January 6th ” February 12th 1870 

December 16th 1871 “ January 23rd 1872 

November 23rd ” December 31st 1873 

October 24th “ December 5th 1875 

April 17th ” June 6th 1877 

March 19th “ April 28th 1879 

February 23rd ” April 2nd 1881 

February 3rd “ March 12th 1883 

January 13th ” February 19th 1885 

December 24th 1886 “ January 30th 1887 

December 2nd 1888 ” January 9th 1889 

November 6th “ December 16th 1890 

May 7th ” November 8th 1892 

March 28th “ May 9th 1894 

March 3rd ” April 11th 1896 

February 11th “ March 20th 1898 

January 22nd ” February 28th 1900 

January 2nd “ February 8th 1902 

December 12th 1903 ” January 19th 1904 

November 18th “ December 27th 1905 

October 14th ” November 28th 1907 

April 10th “ May 25th 1909 

March 14th ” April 22nd 1911 {353} 

From February 19th through March 29th 1913 

January 30th “ March 9th 1915 

January 10th ” February 16th 1917 

December 20th 1918 “ January 26th 1919 

November 28th 1920 ” January 4th 1921 

October 31st “ December 11th 1922 

April 25th ” June 24th 1924 

August 25th “ October 19th 1924 

March 23rd ” May 3rd 1926 

February 28th “ April 7th 1928

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