Mars in Cancer

IN Cancer, Mars is in his fall; but Cancer is so receptive a sign that its influence is not antagonistic. In fact, it makes the martial energy subtle and profound, dissolving it, as it were, and thus making it more active, just as a solution of phenol is more corrosive than the crystals themselves. 

Some of the very greatest artists that have even lived have this position of Mars; it seems as if the specialized energy which he represents were somehow made universal. There is not that same concentration upon a single line that is shown, for example, by Mars in Aries; there have been found very few instances of politicians or conquerors or even great generals with this position. Every one of our illustrations has worked for the general good, not the particular good of any person or even any country, unless we consider Alexander II as having done so. But even his action with regard to the serfs should be regarded as the limited expression of a wide humanitarian intention. And in this case Mars has the opposition of Jupiter, though it is directed wisely by Saturn's trine, and made gentle by the sextile of Venus. 

There is, of course, one very unfortunate career to consider; that of Marie Antoinette. Here Mars is very strong, rising trine to Uranus, with no affliction but a square of the Moon. The Moon ruling the female life, and in this case being Lady of the Ascendant, we must regard her rather than Mars as the key to the complex. We must say then that her Moon is afflicted by the presence in the Ascendant {330} of Mars in his fall. All the good she gets from the complex is a towering practical ambition, which was indeed successful, so far as it went, Uranus trined by Mars being in her tenth house. But Saturn, lord of the seventh, being in his own house in the eighth, afflicting and afflicted by the square of the Moon, even the marriage which gratified her ambition resulted in her death. 

To return to artists, we have the most amazing galaxy; Shakespeare, Petrarch, Michael Angelo, Byron, Balzac, Dante, and, in their wake, Coleridge. It is to be noted how, in each case, the universality of sympathy is evident. Each has an enormous field of expression. There is not the intensity of Baudelaire or the single-minded passion of Blake; it is, rather, breadth and objectivity of outlook, and completeness of comprehension of humanity that stand revealed. And to his heavenly court of artists we may add a philosopher, one of the greatest, in every way, that ever lived: Immanuel Kant; while, should they need an astronomer to observe more accurately their heaven, they may include in their ranks the shining name of Copernicus. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mars is in the sign Cancer are as follows: 

From July 9th through August 23rd 1840 

June 20th “ August 4th 1842 

May 31st ” July 15th 1844 

May 11th “ June 27th 1846 

April 18th ” June 6th 1848 

October 8th “ December 8th 1849 

March 15th ” May 14th 1850 

August 30th “ October 23rd 1851 

February 4th ” April 5th 1852 

August 6th “ September 22nd 1853 

July 17th ” August 31st 1855 

June 27th “ August 11th 1857 

June 8th ” July 23rd 1859 

May 19th “ July 4th 1861 

April 28th ” June 15th 1863 

March 31st “ May 23rd 1865 {331} 

From September 10th through November 25th 1866 

December 8th 1866 ” April 25th 1867 

August 14th “ October 1st 1869 

July 25th ” September 8th 1870 

July 4th “ August 18th 1872 

June 16th ” July 30th 1874 

May 26th “ July 11th 1876 

May 6th ” June 22nd 1878 

April 12th “ June 1st 1880 

September 24th 1881 ” January 11th 1882 

February 26th “ May 7th 1882 

August 24th ” October 14th 1883 

August 1st “ September 16th 1885 

July 12th ” August 26th 1887 

June 23rd “ August 6th 1889 

June 4th ” July 19th 1891 

May 14th “ June 29th 1893 

April 22nd ” June 10th 1895 

March 22nd “ May 17th 1897 

September 3rd ” October 30th 1898 

January 16th “ April 14th 1899 

August 10th ” September 26th 1900 

July 21st “ September 4th 1802 

July 1st ” August 14th 1804 

June 12th “ July 27th 1806 

May 23rd ” July 7th 1808 

May 2nd “ June 18th 1810 

April 5th ” May 27th 1812 

September 16th 1913 “ May 1st 1814 

August 19th ” October 7th 1815 

July 28th “ September 11th 1817 

July 9th ” August 22nd 1819 

June 19th “ August 2nd 1821 

May 31st ” July 15th 1823 

May 10th “ June 25th 1825 

April 17th ” June 5th 1827 

October 3rd “ December 19th 1828 

March 11th ” May 12th 1829 {332}

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