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THE sign Gemini exercises upon Mars its usual influence; it transforms its potency to the mental plane, but it tends to disperse the force and to make it excitable and irritable rather than powerful. 

Compare Thomas Hardy, whose Mars is in this position, with Dickens on the one hand and Daudet on the other, with Mars respectively in Aries and Taurus. Hardy's technique lacks alike brilliancy and softness; it is not simple or direct, and yet it is far more intellectually developed than in either of the others. Mercury and the Sun in conjunction naturally tend to emphasize this point, and they are certainly of great assistance; without them the style would have been abrupt and obscure. 

In the world of music, Schumann offers us just the illustration we need, of a very refined and intellectual, but rather thin, technique. Here, again, the conjunction of the Sun saves the situation. Mars is, however, not the important factor in this nativity and it must be remembered that, in speaking of style in these sections, we do {327} not mean the matter or even the manner of an artist, but the actual technical method by which he executes his ideas. 

Sir David Wilkie is another case in point; he may be contrasted with Reynolds. His method may be called almost perky in comparison with the smooth voluptuousness of the other. The sextile of Jupiter prevents this from too great effect; without it, he would perhaps have been as agitated, violent, and distracted as a futurist. 

The trine of the Sun to Mars doubtless helped to make Lord Roberts a successful soldier, but even here the Gemini influence is apparent. His efforts were bound to be intermittent, and his influence on the army, while it uplifted, did not bind. Devoted to him as his soldiers were, he never succeeded in forming a phalanx like Cromwell's. 

The same failure in method is seen in Joseph Chamberlain and Cecil Rhodes. Mars in Gemini represents a fault which is best expressed in the language of sport, where it is the very commonest of all errors. In golf and billiards it is called “failing to follow through,” in rowing “being short with the finish.” You cannot get full results from a stroke unless you give it power enough to carry to the end. So Chamberlain, with Neptune trining his Mars, and Uranus squaring it, giving it idealism, but lack of continuity, seemed unable to persist in any policy. 

Rhodes had a little more assistance than this from the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus. The conjunction of Saturn in particular gave more power of persistency. It is an exceptionally strong, if not very well-balanced complex; but the influence of Jupiter, lord of the Ascendant, in opposition to Mars, is really the key to the nativity. 

Queen Elizabeth showed extraordinary caprice in method, none at all in main lines of policy; Uranus was very strong; Mars has Jupiter in opposition, and a trine of Mercury lends her cleverness. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mars is in the sign Gemini are as follows: 

From May 27th through July 8th 1840 

May 7th “ June 19th 1842 

April 16th ” May 30th 1844 {328} 

From March 26th through May 10th 1846 

February 25th “ April 17th 1848 

August 11th ” October 7th 1849 

December 9th 1849 “ March 14th 1850 

July 16th ” August 29th 1851 

June 24th “ August 5th 1853 

June 4th ” July 16th 1855 

May 15th “ June 26th 1857 

April 25th ” June 7th 1859 

April 3rd “ May 18th 1861 

March 9th ” April 27th 1863 

August 26th 1864 “ March 30th 1865 

July 25th ” September 9th 1866 

July 1st “ August 13th 1868 

June 11th ” July 24th 1870 

May 22nd “ July 3rd 1872 

May 3rd ” June 15th 1874 

April 11th “ May 25th 1876 

March 20th ” May 5th 1878 

February 14th “ April 11th 1880 

August 4th ” September 23rd 1881 

January 12th “ February 25th 1882 

July 11th ” August 23rd 1883 

June 19th “ July 31st 1885 

May 30th ” July 11th 1887 

May 10th “ June 22nd 1889 

April 20th ” June 3rd 1891 

March 29th “ May 13th 1893 

March 2nd ” April 21st 1895 

August 16th 1896 “ March 21st 1897 

July 19th ” September 2nd 1898 

June 27th “ August 9th 1900 

June 7th ” July 20th 1902 

May 18th “ June 30th 1904 

April 29th ” June 11th 1906 

April 7th “ May 22nd 1908 

March 14th ” May 1st 1910 

September 6th “ November 29th 1911 {329} 

From January 31st through April 4th 1912 

July 29th ” September 15th 1913 

July 6th “ August 18th 1915 

June 15th ” July 27th 1917 

May 26th “ July 8th 1919 

May 6th ” June 18th 1921 

April 16th “ May 30th 1923 

March 24th ” May 9th 1925 

February 22nd “ April 16th 1927 

August 9th ” October 2nd 1928 

December 20th 1928 “ March 10th 1929

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